Personal Details: Ruth Ros

Personal Details: Ruth Ros

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She is the director of marketing and communication at Banak Importa, a furniture and decoration firm with more than one hundred stores in Spain. It is in charge of the communication strategy, the action plan for digital and offline marketing, public relations, social networks ...

Your latest news is ... # Banak360, the new advisory service in integral decoration in the network of stores and online, with which we make our clients the 3D project totally personalized, free and without commitment, so that they see the final result of how they will stay their stay or their home before making your purchase.
When you are not working ... I am with my family, although I never disconnect at all. I find it impossible to do so. I am always on.

What place would you choose to lose yourself? Right now ... it would be a spa with massage session included
What do you need to be happy? The happiness of mine. What can be found in stores? Furniture that is defined through its exclusive design made in Spain, its naturalness and ability to create trends, as well as many accessories.

Your happy moment of the day would you say is ... When I get home and my boys, my husband and my son, are waiting for me.

How is Banak? What differentiates you from other decoration firms? It is eclectic, welcoming, with vocation handmade, character rustic chic, Nordic influence and commitment eco friendly.

What kind of house do you live in? How is it decorated? I live in a chalet, which is a 100% Banak home. It is a lived house, where everything has a reason. Over the years I have been collecting pieces and each one brings me something different. Deco objects always inspire something: memories, special moments, trips, etc. In short ... I would tell you that the style of my home is a balanced eclectic style.

What can not be missing in the house of your dreams? A very, very large table with many chairs around, where we can meet all the family or friends and the table is extended more than the account.


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