Welcome to the Winchester Mansion (the real one)

Welcome to the Winchester Mansion (the real one)

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LThe Winchester house is one of those stories that make the hair stand on end, so if you want to meet her, know that we will not be responsible for the electricity bill when you have to sleep with it on ... Do you dare? Well here we go!

After the death of her daughter, and shortly thereafter, also that of her husband, gun mogul William Wirt Winchester, Sarah Winchester was plunged into a deep depression that culminated in the visit to a famous seer of the time, Adam Coons. He confessed, nothing more and nothing less, that his family was cursed because of all the killings that those weapons had caused, and that To keep the spirits calm, I had to build a house for them. But ... if the works ever stopped, Sarah would die. So she had no choice but to devote all her efforts (since she directed the project herself) and income to the lifting of that kind of sinister temple, a task she carried out for 38 years, until her death in 1922.

The result? An authentic labyrinth of 160 rooms with doors that open to emptiness, stairs that reach nowhere, and many more deceptive traps so that ghosts could not catch it. In fact, it is said that he never slept more than two nights in a row in the same room ...

But you will be wondering where he got such a fortune to pay for a 38-year construction. The answer is simple: when her husband died, Sarah inherited several million dollars and a lot of actions from the arms company that would increase with the death of her mother-in-law. Come on, I had the salary more than insured.

And now yes, let's go for a walk in the creepy mansion! Which, by the way, today is a museum that you can visit ...

Advertising - Keep reading below A facade full of enigmas

Could you tell us how many of those doors and windows are false? We dare not comment, in case the flies ...

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One of the bedrooms

Specifically, in which Sarah died while sleeping. Although we assume that the ghosts had nothing to do ...

Pinterest: Lori Davis

With organ included

It may not be the best instrument to forget fear ...

Pinterest: Lori Davis

The bell tower

It is said that the bell rang every night at 12 o'clock, when Sarah was about to speak with the spirits ...

Pinterest: Lori Davis

Main dining room

Packed with wood but also with darkness, a perfect environment to contact "the other side" ...

Pinterest: Lori Davis

Door to nowhere

Lighter, water. You know what will happen if you open that door, don't you?

Pinterest: Krissie Romberger

The shelf

Great feasts certainly did not stick, but hey, who knows the customs of Beyond?

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Infinite roofs

160 rooms overlook many rooftops, and this is one of them…

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Bad roll

Who assures that he is not afraid, that he throws the first stone. Well, you better not throw anything away, it won't be that you wake up who shouldn't ...

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An idyllic entrance

Apparently, of course. But we will not deny that the Victorian aesthetic facade is not pretty ...

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Small office

With such a work in hand, Sarah must have needed many offices like this to update her bills.

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You go up?

This is what we meant when we mentioned the "stairs that don't reach anywhere".

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Tiffany glass

To keep the spirits "happy," Sarah Winchester decorated the house with luxurious elements, such as several windows with Tiffany glass.

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The exit

Well, at least that puts the sign ... But we don't trust each other.

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The movie

The film arrives in Spanish cinemas this Friday, March 9, so if you are terrified, you have an appointment in the room!

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