We recreate the bedroom of Netflix's most famous witch: Sabrina Spellman

We recreate the bedroom of Netflix's most famous witch: Sabrina Spellman

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If in the nineties we enjoy like crazy series Sabrina, witch stuff, and we wished we could move things with the simple touch of a finger, at the end of 2018 we fell back into fever witchcraft thanks to the Netflix remake, The chilling adventures of Sabrina, a bet something more macabre and very, very funny.

So if, like us, you got hooked on the first season and dream every night of being part of the coven, sorry, the Zugarramurdi caves have not been visited by the goat for a long time. But if you want to take off your jumpsuit, Here are several ideas on how to recreate Sabrina Spellman's bedroom.

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To make your bedroom as close as possible to Sabrina's, leave taking note of the basics you will need: a wrought iron bed, Victorian bedside tables, a chandelier, brightly colored Victorian wallpaper, long curtains and dim lighting.

2 The bed Maisons du Monde

Is metal canopy bed It will make you better than four Valerians, and it will make you have darkly placid dreams. Just be careful in case you fly ...

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3 The bedside tables Maisons du Monde

Made with mango wood, is Victorian bedside table have the aged appearance That every witch would want.

Place one on each side of the bed, and don't forget to fill the drawers with goat legs and spell books.

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4 The wallpaper

Floral pattern with a dark brown background, East romantic dyes wallpaper It's perfect for your witch bedroom, but choose the one you choose, whatever vintage!

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5 The chandelier Maisons du Monde

To match the bed and Only suitable if the ceilings of your bedroom are high, unless you want to play your life and resurrect in the garden, in front of the porch of Sabrina's house.

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6 The gloom Amazon

You won't tell us this Tiffany style ceiling lamp It doesn't seem fresh out of Sabrina's house ... If you don't like spider's, this is yours!

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7 The curtains

Long and red velvetof course The gothic master touch to culminate a decoration worthy of a coven deluxe.

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