This collection of objects will help you control your mobile addiction

This collection of objects will help you control your mobile addiction

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Matteo Bandi

Your addiction to smartphone start to alarm you? Don't panic, before burying the phone and taking a plane to the Himalayas, you should take a look at the Matteo Bandi collection of objects.

The Italian product designer based in London, has just presented his graduation project at the Royal College of Art, whose main objective is indeed reduce the time we spend next to the phone.

Matteo Bandi

Realizing how smartphones constantly interfere with our concentration when we are at home, Matteo has designed a work desk lamp, a speaker, an alarm clock and a projector to watch movies.

Matteo Bandi Matteo Bandi

But if you haven't discovered the almond tree trick yet, it's simpler (and smarter) than it seems: none of them have on or off buttons, they only work when we put the phone on.

In this way, we have no choice but to part with our "interactive friend" for a while, if we want to do something productive or simply disconnect. Is not it a great idea?

Matteo Bandi



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