A renovated apartment to take care of the planet in Malasaña

A renovated apartment to take care of the planet in Malasaña

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Urban Branch

Malasaña is one of those neighborhoods in Madrid that never ceases to amaze, not only because of the infinity of establishments that are committed to creative proposals, be they fashion or gastronomy; but also for the emerging concern of its neighbors to make this emblematic area of ​​Madrid a more sustainable environment. And that, of course, also affects new constructions.

Being aware of the delicate state of our planet, the team of architects and decorators of the Urban Branch, responsible for the integral project of this apartment in Malasaña called Shelter, always work under the same criteria: sustainability, energy efficiency, recycling and bioconstruction.

Project clients are investors who, despite residing in London, wanted to acquire a property in Madrid that they could rent for a while, and that later became the home of their children. Let's meet her!

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- Recovery of street doors for access to the bathroom.
False ceilings Fermacell, ecological painting and 100% led lighting.
- Cork insulation in facade walls to avoid thermal losses.
- Windows with woodwork, double glazing and treatment planitherm.
- Enlisted with local fir mounted on-site and protected with hard oil in the bedroom with a house structure.
- Biocompatible electrical installation, Natural Gas boiler and radiators for conditioning, as well as a fan in the main room for hot weather.

Urban Branch Urban Branch Urban Branch


Urban Branch Urban Branch Urban Branch Urban Branch


Urban Branch



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