Tricks and ideas for a very creative summer

Tricks and ideas for a very creative summer

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Fake stained glass with vinyl

Transforming a "humble" and graceless door into a striking and beautiful model like the one in the image, is simple and comes out of the most economical with decorative vinyl. There are endless ornamental possibilities; In this case, a design that simulates a classic stained glass window has been chosen.
It's about the model Blue Futterby Window, from Purlfrost. The sheet is placed without problem on the glass, since it is self-adhesive, and offers a double advantage: on the one hand it puts a cheerful and elegant point, and on the other it provides privacy without barely subtracting light. A magnificent deco solution at the best price.

Hanger for keys and photos

With six wooden slats, which you can recycle from a fruit box, for example, it is easy to make this hanger for keys or photos. Three slats are held horizontally by three slats fixed from behind vertically with lost head pins. Scarps and pliers hangers are screwed on the crossbars to hang whatever you want. This DIY idea, by Leroy Merlin, looks great at the entrance of the house, in the hall, or even in the kitchen or office ...

Decorate with holiday memories

The conch that you picked up from the beach, some bottles with sand, stones worn by the waves ... and the happiest images of the holidays. All those elements gathered in a wall cabinet, as an exhibition shelf. Do you like this idea of ​​Pixum? Well, paint a box, line it with photos and decorate any corner.

Graters turned into lamps

Original and fun, these lamps, from In-es.artdesign called Cacio & Pepe, decorate the kitchen, as it could not be otherwise. Its screen recalls the traditional metal graters, here painted colors. An inspiring proposal to make your own version by adding socket and wiring.

Does the temperature rise? Eye to spending

- Set the air conditioner to 26º C. For every degree of less in the thermostat, electricity consumption increases between 7-8 percent and it shows, and much, on your bill at the end of the month.

- Forget the oven. Spends a lot of energy and also raises the temperature in the kitchen. Take advantage of the summer to eat more fresh dishes and turn off until autumn (at least) this appliance.

- Short showers. In the heat you will use the shower more often. To avoid wasting water, try to shorten the duration and turn off the tap when you lather. With ten minutes is enough and you will save around 30 liters for each bath you take.

- Less hot water. When there are 38º C in the street, you want to cool off with warm or cold water. So, if possible, lower the maximum heater or boiler temperature during the summer to avoid overheating it (which spends more energy).

- Dry your clothes in the sun. In half an hour it will be ready! Let the dryer rest in summer and tend outdoors: your clothes will thank you.


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