A very bright apartment

A very bright apartment

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Suggestive and seductive. When the owner of this house saw her for the first time, she valued her full potential. The flat was 150 m², He was in Barcelona's Eixample and, although he needed an integral reform, he had undeniable charms: high ceilings adorned with moldings, windows and a arch held by columns that gave a stately air to the room. The works began immediately. Partitions were demolished and the original architectural elements were respected.

The floor was in such a sorry state that oak parquet was installed instead. The result? In the common area -formed by lounge, dining room, work corner and open kitchen- the materials drew two planes: vertical, integrated by the walls and blank carpentry; and horizontal, in which the wooden floor reduces coldness and heats the environment.

In an apartment with constructive elements as unique as the columns or the arch, an original decoration was imposed. The owner, designer and owner of the brand Alsolete, of clothes for moms and children, took care of her personally. His goal was to combine pieces of different styles to achieve personal environments.

In the living room, a sofa with classic lines coexists with a couple of design tables, a Nordic-inspired wooden chair and an armchair upholstered with fabric that mimics a klim. The same set of styles is repeated in the work area. The table acquired in an antique shop forms an excellent couple next to a chrome-designed metal chair. And in the dining room, the wooden table with rustic air, with marked streaks and knots, loses its apparent simplicity when combined with metal chairs with retro air, but painted in sky blue! A casual wink that reminds us that we are in a house of the 21st century, full of vitality.

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Walls, ceilings, the spectacular arch that separates the living room from the dining room, windows, curtains, even the sofa ... The predominance of white color multiplies natural light. Chairs and cushions, in bright colors, energize the environment.
Sofa, from Horizzontal. Circular cushions, by Luzio. Coffee tables in Mar de Cava. From Nani Marquina: knitted pouf, armchair with klim print and carpet. Curtains, from Filocolore.

Auxiliary seats

Put a striking piece. The most practical is a seat: armchair, pouf, chair ... With enough size to cause a surprise effect, but easy to move to another room if you get tired over time.
Red chair, from Mar de Cava.

White sofa

It is a guarantee that your room always seems very bright. Fundamental: that is removable and can be washed in a washing machine. So that the sofa has more decorative presence, complete it with colorful cushions.

Two coffee tables

It is a tendency to place a pair of different sizes instead of a single model. So you can move them around the room and use them as a side table when you need them; for example, to create a reading corner.
Box with Eiffel Tower, from Little House.

A work corner to create

In the living room an area was reserved to organize the office where Marta, the owner, designs her signature garments, Alsolete. The bookstore is a creation of yours, with vertical and horizontal shelves. Have you noticed the books? Grouped by colors, they become an active part in wall decoration.
Mesa, from Mercantic. The chrome chair was bought at Little House.

Classic or modern style?

Both, really. The stately architectural elements that the house already had in origin remained. The Corinthian columns, with ribbed shaft and capital of acanthus leaves, support an arch decorated with scrolls. Behind, another arch - the one that describes the lamp, an icon of the current design - happens in perfect harmony. On the back wall, the initials fulfill the same mission as the scrolls: they decorate the wall, but in the 21st century version.
Arco lamp, by Flos, in Biosca & Botey. The lyrics are from Luzio.

Chromatic wink in the dining room

Chromatic wink When the dining room chairs have an intense color, in this case blue, look for a centerpiece or candles in tune.
Bowls, by Luzio. Crochet flowers are designs for Alsolete.

Off-road dining

Family life is centralized in it: Marta drew up her designs, chatted with friends while giving the last touches to dinner ...
Table and closet bought in antique dealers. Chairs, from Little House.

Open kitchen

To facilitate the connection with the dining room and, incidentally, enhance the feeling of spaciousness, the kitchen opened to it and became independent with a low wall.

Kitchen in sight

The wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room has the right height to avoid splashing water. The half partition was finished off with a chrome profile, which combines with the faucet and gives a professional air to the kitchen.
Red cart, from Little House.

Children's bedroom with bunk beds in L

The composition, designed by the owner, allows both girls to sleep in a small space without the bedroom looking ornate. A plus? The upper bunk extends into a mini shelf that serves as a bedside table.
Bedspreads and cushions, from Filocolore. Pouf from Little House. The garlands were purchased at the Babillage store.

Study zone

María personally designed the study table for her two daughters, Martina and Elsa. Between the three they customized the fronts of the chest of drawers, which becomes an ally to keep this area of ​​the bedroom in order.
Chest of drawers and chairs, from Ikea. On them, square cushions and wallet; Everything from Filocolore. The flexo is from Little House.

A bedroom with character

Two old doors form an original headboard. Its marked design, based on frames and grilles, was softened by painting it in tune with the wall.
Doors, from India & Pacific. Pink quilt and quadrants, from Filocolore. Cushions with kimlim print, by Nani Marquina. From Little House: bedside table, retro lamp and chair. The dresser is of family heritage.

Flowers in the bedroom

We usually see them in the living room, but ... why give them up in other rooms? Enjoy them in the bedroom, in a vase on the dresser or in a pot on the bedside table.
If you have little natural light, in Sia you will find synthetic models achieved.

Auxiliary panel in the bedroom

Painted in pink and with a design that evokes the exhibitors of the stores. Marta devised this original coat rack based on wooden slats that hold baskets and hooks for hanging bags, handkerchiefs, clothes ...
The white plaid is from Luzio. Carpet type kílim, of Gra.

Cushions in bed

They have been chosen in the same tone of the quilt, but with different shapes to give more dynamism. The composition is made up of two squares and one rectangular in the center. The cushion with klim fabric puts the color contrast.

Bathroom with storage space

Coleteros, ties, hairpins… There is so much to keep with young ladies at home! A mini chest of drawers between the sink and the wall solves the problem.
Sanitary, of Roca. Taps, from Grohe. The swimsuits that hang from the mirror are Marta's designs, for sale in Alsolete.

Keys to a successful mix

The old dresser, of undeniable classic style, is the most sober piece of the bedroom. However, the flexo lamp adds a touch of warmth - the promise of a dim beam of light on a good book - that is enhanced by the bedding, in pink tones. We are facing a romantic bedroom, then? Absolutely! The kimlim cushions and the carpet put a casual note with their hippy chic designs.


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