Casaterapia: A new series of Leroy Merlin in DKISS

Casaterapia: A new series of Leroy Merlin in DKISS

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Casaterapia is an innovator series made by Leroy Merlin which presents real cases of people who have reformed their homes in order to overcome their challenges.

Each case will present a different lifestyle in which the protagonist faces the reform of his house to improve his self-esteem, creativity and self-confidence. But they are not alone, the series has the expert collaboration coaches.

Yohana Alonso is the coach that will help the protagonists to put into practice this new philosophy promoted by Leroy Merlin to demonstrate that "It is possible to encourage personal improvement through a change in the home."

From June 1 on the DKISS channel, on Fridays at 9:00 p.m.

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