A perfectly used and orderly mini-studio

A perfectly used and orderly mini-studio

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A couple was looking for a flat in Barcelona With just enough to spend short stays in the city, when this studio located in the Sants neighborhood crossed its path. Just by crossing the door, they could get an idea of ​​how it was, because this house has a single space and a separate bathroom. The distribution of the furniture in this type of floors is basic since with them the different rooms are delimited. "The owners of this miniloft wanted to locate in their few square meters a kitchen, a living room, the dining room, a bedroom and a small work area", explain from the studio I loft you, in charge of making a decorative tetris so that everything fits perfectly and could live comfortably.

"We started from an unbeatable base: vaulted ceilings, exposed brick walls, hydraulic floors ... It helped us a lot in defining the style we wanted to give it," they explain. They chose Nordic and friendly pieces to make it comfortable and with white furniture they marked the different spaces while achieving extra storage. "The result is a cozy and spacious apartment, with the space maximized for the needs of our customers," they say from the studio.

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This Barcelona studio designed by I loft you is a good example of how to create different rooms within a unique space.

Living room

The apartment had a lot of character, with exposed brick walls and Catalan vault ceilings, so friendly furniture was chosen to make it cozy.

Shared space

In the image, the living room and, in the foreground, the dining room table.

Open kitchen

The hydraulic tile delimits the space.

All to the white

The integration between the different spaces (including the kitchen) was achieved by choosing furniture of the same style and color.


The television cabinet separates the dining room-work area from the bedroom.

Applied Boys

Next to the living room, a work-study area has been enabled, one of the owners' requirements when starting the project.


The owners were looking for an apartment with enough to spend short stays.

Great capacity

The bedroom wall is covered by a closet that covers storage needs.

The bedroom

In the same tones as the rest of the house.

Few pieces, but well chosen Deserved rest

The sleeping area calls for rest.

Divide and conquer

View of the television cabinet from the bedroom.


Decorating a single space can be very complicated (especially when it is very small, as in this case).

Bedroom area before Lounge area before

The apartment has two windows, so one was used for the living room and another for the bedroom.

The kitchen before