A white and unconventional mini flat

A white and unconventional mini flat

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Anders Bergstedt

Dear reader:

Before entering the brick and stone facade, climb its wooden stairs and cross the door of this mini flat located a short walk from the Skasen Kronan fortress, one of the most tourist spots in Gothenburg, We recommend leaving behind all the conventions on housing, because the habitat we visit today is not like the others. It is not because, keeping intact the charm of the past, it has all the comforts of the present. Why, although it does not have many square meters (44 to be more exact), it is not small and the storage space is not lacking. Because its two rooms can accommodate multiple activities.

The building was built by the architect Hans Hedlund in 1899 to accommodate the families of railroad workers. For decades, its inhabitants were making reforms to adapt their homes to new developments, but without making major modifications to their physiognomy, which earned it a historic building in 2005, with the consequent legal protection.

Upon entering this apartment (available to buy or rent through the Alvhem agency) we find a hall with a large built-in wardrobe and, in front, a full bathroom. On the right we receive a room with a large window and original moldings on the ceiling that has been prepared for use as a living room during the day and as a bedroom at night, with a work corner and a reading corner. Upon leaving, we see the kitchen on the other side of the house with a large table with bench ready to make meetings of friends or family. The white doors of this room hide the appliances and a large pantry with a lot of storage capacity. TEverything in this home has been thought to the millimeter to optimize the spaces and create multifunctional rooms that adapt to the day to day and to the needs of their owners.

Styling: Pernilla Algede / House of Beatniks
Photos: Anders Bergstedt

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We visited an apartment of 44 square meters in a building built in 1899 in Gothenburg.

Day and night

This room has been decorated to perform the functions of living room and bedroom.

A lot of style

Small details, such as a large round mirror or a wallpaper, manage to make the space elegant without recharging it.

Have everything clear

The light wood of the floor manages to give warmth and luminosity to the space.

Keep in mind the past

The original elements of 1899, such as moldings and roof medallions, have been preserved.

Go to the light

The apartment has two large windows overlooking the street.

In the air

A white furniture and minimalist style suspended in the living room-bedroom.

Do a lot with little

Although there are few decorative details, his style has managed to give them presence in the environment.

Work and pleasure

On the other side of the room, two corners: one for reading and one for study.

Of book

A comfortable armchair and a floor lamp have managed to create the perfect reading corner.


Checkered wallpaper is a classic Sandberg model.


Work corner with a shelving system that serves as a table and a high stool in an industrial style.

Knowledge takes place

With the shelves the problem of typical storage of the workspaces is solved and a study surface is provided.

Front view

From the living room-bedroom, view of the hall (first) and the kitchen-dining room (in the background).

Multipurpose spaces

By allocating each room for more than one use they have managed to multiply the possibilities of this small apartment.


In the distributor we find the bathroom door and storage space.

To hang up

Although there is a very large closet, a coat rack has been placed to leave the coats.

Great capacity

The entrance closet, with plenty of storage space.

To stay blank

White manages to unify all spaces and give luminosity.


On the other side of the floor, the kitchen with a office Of great proportions it serves as a dining room and a place to meet.

Nice to all lights

To have a support light when working on the countertop, two adjustable wall lights have been placed on the wall.

Next stop…

The white subway tile seems to never go out of style. This kitchen is proof of that.

Full kitchen

The kitchen was arranged in an L-shape and is fully equipped.


Every detail has been taken care of so that it is within the original style of the building. Even black bakelite switches.

Between stoves

Detail of the cooking area and the white marble countertop.

What he had, he retained

Next to the countertop area, an old white cupboard.

Meeting place

The life of a house is in the kitchen. And with a dining area like this, even more.

Bank assault

As a seat, a large wooden bench with cushions that ensures that the table tops will be extended.

Minimal art

Decorating the kitchen office area, two black and white photographs.

Eat with views

The kitchen-dining room has a large window with arched frame.


The white kitchen doors keep secrets behind them.


As this pantry with large proportions window.


After another white door, we found the refrigerator.

White on white

Detail of the doors and paneling of the kitchen. All blank.


We found a full bathroom the entrance distributor.

Small bathroom

The shower tray has been dispensed with to optimize space.

Outside life

The building has several outdoor areas for community use.

Pure facade

The brick and stone facade of the building of the architect Hans Hedlund built in 1899 to house homes for the families of railroad workers.

Have a good plant

Floor plan of 44 square meters.