10 perfect children's bunk beds to optimize space

10 perfect children's bunk beds to optimize space

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Children need space to play and have fun, but many times the bedrooms are smaller than we would like, and the task is complicated ... So if you have high ceilings, take advantage of them and choose bunk beds that leave the lower area free. We assure you that the change will be spectacular!

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When it comes to two sisters in the same room, optimizing space is essential, and a pastel green berth is simply ideal (with rhyme and all).

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Your own loft

Not all children (or older) have such a space in the bedroom, but if they also have a bunk like this, the possibilities are multiplied.

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Sweet and functional

The lower part of this pastel blue bunk is full of cabinets and removable shelves. Don't you think it's a great idea?

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A cozy little house

Below, a mini lounge. Upstairs, a bed inside a little white wooden house. Can it be more beautiful and functional?

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Boho chic

If you thought that style boho chic It was only for the elderly, you were wrong! With a bunk like this one with curtains at the bottom, you can create a cozy corner.

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The adventure awaits you

This bedroom only suitable for adventurers has plenty of space to play thanks to the bunk bed and a very well arranged corner desk.

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The world upside down

At the top, the playground and relax. And below, a bed king size to sleep big!

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Two in one

This modular structure with bunk and integrated crib is perfect to accommodate two little brothers of different ages, and as it carries the closet and integrated drawers, they will have plenty of free space to play.

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Two color

Black and pink, a fantastic color combination for a children's bedroom with a lot of personality and a well-picked play area.

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Rodeo time

As if it were the bedroom of an American cowboy, this bunk bed is perfect to avoid falls, and at the bottom it has a great playground.

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