The modern duplex of a large family

The modern duplex of a large family

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Sometimes, although reflecting in a rational way you know that everything is fine, there is something instinctive within you that tells you that something is missing. This is what happened to a family with three children who bought a duplex in the center of Lisbon, Very close to Avenida da Liberdade. Its 250 square meters were (to spare) enough for the five. Its two floors allowed them to have more intimate and other common areas to meet all. They loved their furniture. But the set did not finish filling them and making them feel at home.

To solve this problem, they decided to go to the interior designers of ARKSTUDIO, who rethought the spaces taking into account the needs and tastes of the family. The objective was to express his personality using the furniture that he already possessed and that reflected his story. To achieve this, they combined them with new acquisitions of modern style and spared no textiles and accessories of natural finishes and bright colors that brought life. The perfect touch is finished by giving the works of art that the children themselves have made and that marry perfectly with the result. Now they can say: home, sweet home.
Photos: Rodrigo Cardoso

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Advertising - Keep reading below The importance of details

The ARKSTUDIO studio has adapted this floor to a family by adding personality. An example? The works of art are made by their children.

Change everything, so that everything stays the same

They took advantage of existing furniture and combined them with new acquisitions.

Living room

The house of 250 square meters is divided into two floors.

Everyone at the table

The study has created spaces where the whole family can gather.

Very natural

The predominant materials are the natural ones.


Everything is designed to keep order very easy.


As a touch of color, a mosaic in the front of the countertop.


A sideboard in one of the hallways.


Full of light and personal touches.

Two in one

The space was better used by changing one of the tables for a study-dressing area.

Second bedroom To your taste

We have opted for an Ikea headboard that allows you to modify the height of the shelves and add more if desired.

All to the white

Although it is the predominant color, the details in wood make it not cold.

A lot of touch

The texture and colors of textiles have played a very important role to give warmth and personality to the environments.


Another bedroom, decorated in white and earth tones.

Child's bedroom