A modern duplex connected with spiral staircase

A modern duplex connected with spiral staircase

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Pablo Sarabia

The decoration project of this house was commissioned to the interior designer Constanza Subijana, from the Home Staging Decor company. With neutral tones, perfect and studied brushstrokes of color, functional furniture of contemporary style and design pieces, it achieved urban, modern and, at the same time, timeless environments. The floor is distributed over two floors, connected by a spiral staircase.

In the ground floor there was a large common area that has several environments, the kitchen, a bedroom distributed in suite, with study area and integrated bathroom, and a small toilet. The first floor was reserved for the master bedroom, which has two integrated dressing rooms and bathroom. The house, although well oriented and equipped with large dimensions, lacked personality and was quite cold.

Its architectural peculiarities, with double-height ceilings and roof windows, gave it a special charm, but it needed an interior design that would provide the environments with warmth and comfort. The first step was to establish the perfect background for a timeless decoration. Constance chose a light gray, almost white, to paint the walls of the entire house. This tone, in addition to enhancing the luminosity, enhances the wood of the floor, creating a clean and elegant contrast.

The lighting was solved with recessed halogens and different points of ambient light through floor lamps, such as the type model Arc of one of the two living areas that were created in the living room. This one, the coffee table Coffe Table from Isamu Noguchi, with glass top and beech wood legs, and chairs CH24 of the signature Carl Hansen & Son of the dining room, they are icons of the design that Constanza Subijana combined with current furniture and custom-made pieces, such as the headboards of the two bedrooms, designed by her, and upholstered in soft velvets in blue tones. In each and every one of the spaces of the house, the decorator turned to textiles and accessories to put the cheerful notes of contrast.

The living room, thanks to the accessories in turquoise, ceased to be a monotonous environment to become a living space, with a cozy decoration. The kitchen was animated with orange brushstrokes and in the bedrooms, played with different shades of blue that, in the children's room, combined with mustard yellow.


When it comes to decorating large rooms, creating several environments is the best solution to achieve a cozy atmosphere. It is important to design a distribution that respects the passageways and keeps the windows clear of obstacles so that clarity floods the house.

In addition to the dimensions, the floor of the room must be taken into account. If it is elongated, the ideal is to locate the environments online. In square or irregular rooms, better place them diagonally. The recesses can be used to create a reading or work corner.

To delimit the environments it is possible to opt for physical barriers -such as the sofa backing, some poufs that close the living area or a low furniture-, or visual ones. The color of the upholstery, carpets or different types of flooring are resources to mark the passage from one environment to another.

Advertising - Keep reading below Squared Pablo Sarabia

The living room is a large double height space. For its decoration, we opted for a neutral base, with walls, ceilings and upholsteries in white tones, to which later brush strokes of color in textiles and accessories were added.

Decorative ornaments Pablo Sarabia

Stylist tip: To achieve a successful result, all decorative ornaments should be in aesthetic and chromatic harmony with the rest of the room's accessories

Facing Pablo Sarabia

In the living room, the sofa was oriented towards the wall that houses a work library. This, with a symmetrical design of identical spans, enhances the sense of order and, being integrated, there is no space left.

Sofa and pouf, by TapiDisseny. Auxiliary tables, by Pilma. Ornaments of the bookstore and vases, of Guáimaro. Carpet, from KP. Cushions with fabrics from Pepe Peñalver. Lamp, by Dugar Home

Height game Pablo Sarabia

The architectural peculiarities of the hall were used to create different environments. Thus, the area where the inclination of the ceiling is greater was reserved to locate a second living room, with two identical armchairs around the fireplace.

Armchairs upholstered in eggplant, by Gajisa. Tree, by Guáimaro. Carpet, from KP.

Corner to last! Pablo Sarabia

The trend of curved lines is reflected in this seating area: from the seats and side tables to the mirror that decorates the chimney wall are rounded shapes designs. Above the fireplace, mirror of Maisons du Monde.

Dining table Pablo Sarabia

Dining table, from Thai Natura. Chairs, Vintage Decor.

Vases Pablo Sarabia

Decorative details such as these vases convey a feeling of freshness to the environment.

Perfect fusion Pablo Sarabia

In the dining room, furniture of different styles were combined, but in the same finish. Behind, a built-in closet integrates perfectly
in the aesthetics of the environment.

Bottles Pablo Sarabia

If you are looking for a harmonious dining room, choose furniture in the same finish and follow the same pattern when decorating the table: group vases of different shapes and sizes in identical color. Bottles, of Guáimaro.

With peninsula Pablo Sarabia

In the kitchen, the countertop was extended in a curious circular breakfast bar, designed as a blown table; beneath it there is a free space to sit on the stools comfortably.

The bar rests on a thick round foot, made of the same material and finish as the countertop. Kitchenware, baskets and cloths, acquired in Natura.

Dynamic decoration Pablo Sarabia

With an L-shaped distribution, the kitchen combines gray-blue cabinets with light wood. This material is present, not only on the countertop, but also on cornice, baseboard, walls and furniture finishes. The work and sink fronts were protected with stainless steel plates.

Work corner Pablo Sarabia

In the work corner: desk, by Thai Natura. Ixia chair.

Vintage charm Pablo Sarabia

In the children's room, the headboards upholstered with a plain turquoise fabric became a focal point of the decoration. Between the two beds, a dresser that puts an attractive mid-century touch was placed.

Headboards designed by the HS Decor studio. Commode, from Vical Home. Lamp with lampshade, by El Corte Inglés and foot by Better & Best. Cushions with
Pepe Peñalver fabrics.

Work area for two Pablo Sarabia

If you are going to share a desk, look for a design that measures at least 1.60 meters wide -80 cm for each one. Accompany it with two flexos and a pair of equal chairs for a balanced result. The balloon is from Guáimaro.

Side table Pablo Sarabia

Flush with the ground. It is essential that the bedside table adapts to the dimensions of the room. In this case, a low height design allows a lamp to be placed without hitting the ceiling. Bedside table, from Dugar Home.

Main bedroom Pablo Sarabia

The master bedroom, located on the first floor of the house, was designed as a suite, with a work corner, as well as two integrated dressing rooms and bathroom. The attic roof conditioned the distribution of the furniture. The bed, supported and centered in the lower part, allows a comfortable passage area and free space on each side.

Bed textiles, by Sandra Marques. Cushions and blankets, from Natura. Fiber chair, Vintage Decor.

Custom wardrobe Pablo Sarabia

A custom closet is the best solution to take advantage of the space in a dormer room. Try to reserve a hole of 105 cm in height to hang shirts and jackets. Clothing, from the firm JustFab.

With roof window Pablo Sarabia

For the bathroom in the master bedroom, a light and simple design piece of furniture was chosen, combining a metal structure with a wooden countertop and built-in washbasin. Stool, for sale at Zara Home.

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Low level

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