How often do you have to change the towels (and what happens if we do not)

How often do you have to change the towels (and what happens if we do not)

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The towel with which you dry after washing you, it doesn't get very dirty, right? If you are clean when you use it ... This statement of seemingly overwhelming logic cannot be more wrong. Towels are the best breeding ground for microorganisms to proliferate, fungi and bacteria, since they meet the perfect conditions to survive and develop: they are moist, have a neutral pH (neither acid nor alkaline, very similar to that of our body), they are in an environment with warm temperatures and with oxygen and they have nutrients to feed on (see, remains of dead cells or secretions from our body that we deposit on the towel when dry). And, although most of these microorganisms also cover our skin, finding the perfect place to reproduce can cause skin disorders and even infections.

To prevent this from happening, we must take a series of precautions:

- Spread the towel well to dry completely and as soon as possible. If possible we will have it outdoors.

- Change towels frequently. How often? Javier Sola, an allergist at Ramón y Cajal Hospital, recommends doing so at least once a week. Meanwhile, Philip Tierno, an expert in microbiology at the University of New York, advises that towels be washed After three uses. He also warns that the best way to know if a towel should already be in the washing machine is to smell it, since the smell is the best indicator we have to know that there are microbes growing.

- Do not share a towel. In the bathroom it is easy to get it, but we all have a hand towel that the whole family uses. In this case, wash it more often and, if any member has a skin condition, try to use a towel other than the rest of the family.

-Wash (fine) towels. Ideally, it should be done at a temperature above 60º, to ensure that we end up with all possible microorganisms. But if you are afraid (rightly so) that your towels are broken, try putting some disinfectant product such as white vinegar or bleach).

In this way we will keep our skin healthy.

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