Water green: the color you want to decorate this summer

Water green: the color you want to decorate this summer

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La redoute

Coordination: Pilar Perea.

Advertising - Keep reading below The ideal duo for country houses

Green in various shades. Although the protagonist is water green, it can be combined with turquoise and with very close colors in the color range, such as blue, with results
fantastic. This selection guarantees the luminosity of the spaces and adds to them a delicious naive touch. In this photo it has been used together with the blues in the main furniture: the wooden closet, the sofa, the armchairs.

Wood and natural Calm, harmony, balance. All this adds wood and natural tones to the decoration.

Ceramic vase

Lacquered and in two tones, ceramic vase, by Maisons du Monde, € 29.99.

Earthenware Cactus

Crockery, the trendiest plants. From Home, from € 19.99

Wicker coffee table

Wicker coffee table, for garden or interior. It's from home, € 59.

Sun mirror

Sun mirror in wicker version. In Leroy Merlin, € 39.95, 70 cm. diameter.

Light and soft plaid

Light and soft plaid, in raw color, € 15, in Hema.

Shaker chair La redoute

Shaker style updated with paint, in this chair of La Redoute, € 119.25.

Cushions in pink

In pink, cushions in two sizes, from La Redoute, from € 14.99, each.

Light box

Luminous box, with message to decorate walls, € 9.99, for sale at home.


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