How to distribute the space at home. Examples of plans

How to distribute the space at home. Examples of plans

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Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Tapped to the millimeter

Thanks to a large patio and a porch with seating area. The interior is organized in living room, kitchen with clothesline and bathroom.

2 female

The room that occupies more space is the living room, because it is where the owners spend more time. Communicate directly with the kitchen, narrow and very elongated. At the opposite end are the bedroom and the bathroom.

3 In the city

The scarce 47 m2 that the house has, all the spaces are surprisingly wide. The miracle-sized architect was the interior designer Montse Dosta, in charge of decoration, who opted to make all the rooms in the social area coexist in a single open space: dining room, living room and kitchen.

4 Enjoy the views

It is one of the key rooms of the house, as it runs through the entire facade. The rest of the space is occupied by the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, located at the entrance of the house.

5 Very cozy

All in 100 m2. The kitchen, living room and dining room share the same space. A door communicates with a small distributor, which gives access to the dressing room, the master bedroom and its bathroom. In addition, there is another bedroom with a built-in bathroom.

6 With a terrace of 20 m2.

Located at the bottom of the house, with the modifications it became the most versatile room, as it serves as a terrace, dining room and guest room. Next are the independent study, kitchen and bathroom, and the living room-bedroom.

7 With lots of light

After undertaking the reform, the 63 m2 were distributed as follows: next to the windows, the living room, and next to it, the bedroom. Then, the bathroom and, finally, the dining room and the kitchen, these three raised 30 cm above the floor.

8 Open spaces

A diaphanous space in which living room, kitchen and bedroom share the same space, unified with the floor. The bathroom, independent.

9 Amplitude in light tones

This floor of only 50 m2 seems much larger thanks to its great decorative solutions, which give it its own personality. The key: light tones and well-chosen furniture.

10 Salon distributor

The space is divided between the kitchen, to the left of the entrance, the living room with dining area, the two bedrooms and the two bathrooms.

11 Decorative Ideas

This apartment is an example of how, with good decorative ideas and the right furniture, you can turn a small apartment into a comfortable, modern and stylish house.

12 A space with several environments

The kitchen with the integrated living room, the bathroom and the bedroom. Everything is exterior.

13 With good distribution

The entrance communicates with the kitchen and the living room, which overlooks the bedroom. In addition, there is a dressing room and a bathroom that is accessed through the room and the living room.

14 ideas to renew

The walls, floor and facilities of this house were completely changed. Also the distribution, to make it more functional and adapt it to the current lifestyle.

15 Good distribution

Together with the relief of having a large terrace with splendid views of the sea and the countryside, make this holiday home the perfect place to rest and relax at any time of the year.

16 In blue tones

The house has a kitchen open to the living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. And on the side, a terrace that is accessed from the living room and also from the master bedroom.

17 Spacious apartment

This irregular floor apartment is organized around a diaphanous space that houses the living room, kitchen and study area in the same space and from there you can directly access the bathroom, a room and the bedroom with the sloping roof.