10 curiosities about the decoration of Friends that you may not know

10 curiosities about the decoration of Friends that you may not know

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Friends It is one of the most mythical television series and all it has to do is she keeps catching her millions of followers. Taking advantage of the latest secrets that the designer of his scenarios has revealed in an interview, we collect 10 curious facts about the decoration of Friends that every fan should know.

1. The purple walls of Monica's floor

In a recent interview, John Shaffner, the designer of the shooting sets of Friends, He explained that, although his model made with white paper on Monica's floor loved the studio, nobody was very convinced when he told them he wanted to paint the walls purple. The reason for this risky movement was to make the space very recognizable and that, when the spectators were zapping, they knew immediately that it was Friends.

2. The golden door frame

If there is a mythical element of the decoration of Friends This is undoubtedly the frame with golden moldings that hangs from your door. But, originally, neither this was the space it should occupy nor was it a frame. It was actually a mirror that a team member accidentally broke and temporarily placed it on the door. Production designer Greg Grande thought it was good to frame the peephole and decided to leave it.

3. Eclectic style

Although one of the comments we all make when watching the series is "how do they get a flat like that in New York with their salaries?", Greg Grande explains that, if we pay attention to Monica's home decoration, we will realize that each piece has a different origin and style. In this way they wanted to give the impression that the protagonists resorted to flea markets and second-hand stores and furniture rescued from the street, somewhat more in line with their economic level.

4. Single apartment

For the boys' floor, Grande decided to opt for a very basic and monochromatic decoration, with few furniture, in which comfort (and reclining seats) were protagonists.

5. The Central Perk sofa

As John Shaffner explains in the interview, the coffee in the series Friends It has marked the design of coffee shops in recent years. Before the series, it was very rare to find sofas and armchairs in these establishments. The orange sofa that occupies the main place of the Central Perk and that appears in the intro of the series was found by Grande in a warehouse of Warner Bros. studios. After the first episode, the backing was covered with a blanket to hide that the fabric was torn and then decided to reupholster to give it an appearance newer.

6. The porcelain dog

Pat was the name of the porcelain dog that Joey bought when he got the role of Dr. Drake Ramoray in the soap opera The days of our life. This sculpture actually belonged to actress Jennifer Aniston and was a gift that a friend gave her the first day of filming to wish her good luck and that the producers wanted to use.

7. The poster behind the television

The function of this poster was not just aesthetic. It also served to hide a hole in the wall that served as a shot for the cameras. This poster vintage, which has written Aux Buttes Chaumont - Jouets and in which a rocker appears, corresponds to an advertisement for this toy store that the artist Jules Cheret created in 1885 (he created another 42 ads for this same store).

8. The Magna Doodle

If the golden frame is one of the most memorable elements of Monica's floor, the magic slate is undoubtedly the most remembered of the boys. The first was in episode 18 of the third season and had a shopping list. From that moment, Paul Swain, a member of the team, was responsible for changing the message in each episode, sometimes with internal jokes and sometimes with phrases that referred to the plot and invited us to think about the character that had written.

9. They moved?

In the first episodes of the series, Monica's apartment number was 5 and the boys' number was 4. Later they decided to change their address and their doors began to show numbers 20 and 19 respectively. The reason was to be more consistent since, on the terrace, the floor seemed to be located on a high floor and the number indicated that it was one of the first in the building.

10. Family portraits

There is nothing more effective in making a set look like a lived place than placing personal items. On Monica's floor we can find several photographs in frames or placed with magnets on the refrigerator door that actually belonged to the members of the production team and their families.


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