A very green house

A very green house

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Much wider, brighter and better distributed. This is Mallorcan house after the project of architect Rafael Vidal, from the Taroms Arquitectes studio. Its owner, Natalie Phillips, took care after decorating, from her NP Interiors studio in England, in collaboration with carpet designer Amy Kent. The objectives of the reform were multiple but, among them, the considerable expansion of housing stands out. Just look at the plans, to understand what area was won and how it was made.

Advertising - Keep reading under Porch with wooden flooring

A large pergola was projected on the porch, on a new floor and with wooden flooring from ipe, which protects the dining room directly from the sun. From it starts a stone path, which leads to the pool.

Parquet floor

Outdoor dining It is outdoors, but it is cozy, sheltered by a pergola and by the combination of natural materials: Mallorcan stone on the walls and a warm outdoor parquet. Project, from the Taroms Arquitectes studio.

Vintage green chairs

A large glazed door provides extra luminosity to the kitchen, ventilation and a direct and wide access to the porch. Its opening is sliding, recessed between two partitions, so as not to subtract surface either inside or outside. Vintage green chairs, recovered by Bconnected. Wooden stool and ceramic cups on the side table, HK Living; were purchased at Organic Studio. In the foreground, a candle holder and ceramic plates, which come from this last store.

Parallel sofas

Image of the living room from the kitchen. Without partitions between the two, the space gains visual and real amplitude. The distribution of the furniture in the living area, with sofas in parallel, respects the circulation and the step towards the porch.

Panoramic window

Alongside these lines, a work area created in front of a panoramic window, to make the most of natural light.

Metallic candle holder

The color contrast is key in the decoration of the living room, where an elegant pair of vintage air chairs, reupholstered, flanks a table, with an original multicolored leg. The cushions, by Maison de Vacances, and the painting by the painter Mercedes Felgueres, were purchased at Organic Studio. Side table Shuffle, from & Tradition. Metallic candle holder, from Bconnected. Stars model rug by Amy Kent.

Candle holders and pineapples

Yes to metals! Few metallic details, but well chosen, are a plus of elegance. Avoid saturation and join this trend in interior design, which adds sophistication to the environments. Candle holder, from Bconnected.

Kitchen with multifunction island

The day area was projected with a diaphanous plant, so that the natural light of the living room reached the kitchen, equipped with a large multifunction island. Decorated by Natalie Phillips, in collaboration with Amy Kent.

High table

Symmetry. It is a resource that the
decorators Why? The symmetrical distribution of furniture and equal elements conveys a sense of order and harmony. Here, it was built around a high table with three couples: armchairs, bookcases and lamps. Carpet by Amy Kent.

Elegant centers

Unique pieces. Next to each sofa, on two side tables, elegant centers were placed, with a sculptural vocation. Details thus raise the decorative level in living rooms and dining rooms.

Vintage chairs

Rustic air to the dining room, decorated with a wooden table and mix of chairs. Notably, the role of the yellow chair, among the other black.

Chairs: vintage, in black and yellow leather, from Bconnected; in rattan, from HK Living, in Organic Studio. The white pieces are part of an old ceramic collection of the owner.

Oak furniture

With the stone walls, the ceiling and the microcement pavement, a chromatic homogeneity is achieved in the environments that creates a feeling of greater amplitude. Wood and stone enrich the decoration with its textures, while the countertop and continuous flooring spread natural light. Kitchen made by Caire, with furniture in bleached oak and countertop, Silestone.

Vintage chair recovered

The retro is current. Many furniture from decades ago are in perfect condition and others only have signs of wear and tear over time, which embellish them even more. Chair recovered, from Bconnected.

Beehive rug

With the combination of textiles, a warm and enveloping atmosphere has been created in the bedroom, where the two-tone designs of the headboard and curtains, in addition to the carpet, add motifs that evoke a hive.Butaca, from HK Living, acquired in Organic Studio Bedding and cushions, from Bconnected. Carpet by Amy Kent.

Side table with original design

Singular pieces An auxiliary table, of original design, arouses maximum interest in the bedroom. Special furniture captures attention and wastes style. Bedding and cushions, from Bconnected.

Aluminum carpentry

White is the protagonist in this bathroom, with a very clean washbasin front, designed to integrate the window. The image of the exterior, so refreshing, is framed with dark aluminum carpentry. In front of it, a wide surface of countertop, practical to arrange the toiletries and toilet. Washbasins, from Duravit. Table lamp, by Bconnected. Linen towels, from Teixidors, in Organic Studio. Window, from the Technal firm.

Wooden stool

Front of sink and bathtub form an L in the bathroom, to optimize space. Key in this environment, the feeling of stillness and well-being that conveys the clean and minimalist decoration, full of nuances. Taps, by Axor. Countertop, from Silestone. Wooden stool, from HK Living, purchased at Bconnected. Towel-radiator, from Baxi.

Ground floor plan

The extensions maintain, of course, the structural scheme of housing. The common areas are organized in three bays - an architectural term that describes elongated spaces parallel to the topography -, to which a fourth is added as a porch with pergola. To the existing bedrooms, which are organized in another bay perpendicular to the topography, a second one was added, which houses new rooms. As for the interior distribution, all partitions were eliminated in the day zone. Thus, living room, dining room and kitchen with island make up a single room, well connected with the rest of the rooms of the house. It is a multispace that maintains the visual connection between the environments, although each area is well defined by the pillars, the difference in height and the distribution of the furniture.Plus style in the project is the contrast of textures between the stone walls and the continuous flooring, which propagates the light.

First floor plan


- Communicated environments: Eliminate partitions and create a single day area on the ground floor, consisting of living room, kitchen and dining room, expands spatial perception and allows natural light to flow.

- Well defined spaces: the structural pillars and the difference in level in the living room mark the transition between the living area and the kitchen-dining room. Also the furniture distribution itself defines each environment.

- Coatings: the stone walls, the microcement floor and the roof vaults provide a harmonious background, with different nuances, which gives visual continuity to the environments.