Ideas to prepare coffees to everyone's taste

Ideas to prepare coffees to everyone's taste

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Among coffee lovers there is everything, the super coffee growers who take expresso after expresso as if there was no tomorrow, those who start the day with their coffee ritual, those who have a snack for a coffee and even those who survive in summer heat with coffee on the rocks (the traditional ice coffee).

Whatever you are, check out these ideas and proposals, you're sure to try them all.

A cappuccino, please

Cappuccino with ice cream

Do not forget to enjoy a good cappuccino even in summer, but instead of covering the coffee with a thick layer of whipped cream, we suggest this more refreshing version based on ice cream. Remember to sprinkle with cinnamon.

Coffee with milk and caramel

INGREDIENTS (4 people):- Coffee
- Sugar
- Milk
- Liquid candy

With Italian coffee maker: Fill the bottom of the coffee maker with water to the safety valve. Put the filter on the coffee. Screw the top of the coffee maker and leave the lid up. Put the coffee on the fire. Lower the fire one position when it will start to rise and another one at the moment it starts to rise. Close the lid. When steam comes out, turn off the heat, leave a few seconds to finish raising all the coffee and remove. Serve the coffee in the cups with sugar to taste.

Heat and foam the milk. For this, you can use a frother blender or an electric frother. Add hot and steamed milk to the cups.

Decorate coffee With liquid candy on top.

Italian coffee with caramelized banana

This coffee is simply ES-PEC-TA-CU-LAR. With cookies, banana, vanilla, cream, caramel ... The key is how to mix everything.

Do not miss the step by step, HERE.

Coffee candy for sweet tooth

- Black espresso coffee
- Iced coffee cubes
- Condensed milk
- Coffee liquor or cream.

Pour a splash of condensed milk in a transparent wide mouth glass, so that the different layers look good.

Add black coffee Warm little by little and, finally, add the already crushed mixture of iced coffee cubes and coffee liqueur or cream. You will get a dense and perfumed finish with the aroma of the liquor.

If you wish, You can take one last layer of whipped cream.

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