Amazon's Prime Day peta in garden and terrace decoration

Amazon's Prime Day peta in garden and terrace decoration

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Like every year, Amazon Prime Day has left us with our mouths more open than Homer Simpson before a hamburger with triple of bacon, and is that the shopping giant on-line know our weaknesses well ... 😏

Therefore, if you were thinking of changing some things in your terrace or garden, and you are an Amazon Prime customer, this is the best time to do it! You will find discounts of up to -30% on a selection of products, such as this inflatable mattress of the brand Etekcity Corporation of 191 x 99 x 23 cm.

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As it is super easy to transport, you can take it camping or create a very comfortable corner chill out in the garden with him, and when you need extra space for your guests ... voilà!, you will have a most comfortable bed.

It inflates and deflates instantly thanks to the portable air pump; it is cleaned with the help of a damp cloth; and has its own case and travel bag.

Before € 89.99. Now € 59.99 🔥33% discount! 🔥

Buy it here before it flies

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