A house with garden, pool and panoramic roof

A house with garden, pool and panoramic roof

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Marta, our reader, decorated her house in emerald-green and gray tones combined with great success with the help of interior designer Ana Díaz.

The house, which has an elevator and is distributed over 3 floors, plus garage of 70 m2 and roof of 84 m2, has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 1 multipurpose room, 1 study, courtesy toilet in addition to the living room and kitchen with office

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Entrance from the street where the sculpture stands out L'escala from Artur Duch and you see the window of the suite room used for the iron.


The garden was used to the maximum by placing the pergola in a corner so as to have only grass in front of the room.

Outdoor dining room

In the corner parquet area we find a pergola with a minimum capacity for 6 people, 2 hammocks and a serving cart.

The pool

The 120 m2 garden, very well maintained and remodeled last year, has a 12 m2 pool, a glass that stands out from the facade and belongs to the dining room and the kitchen, in order to enlarge these areas, and in the background a wooden house to store garden tools.

Living room

The living room has a work fireplace, which works, surrounded by a built-in cabinet with shelves at the top and cabinets at the bottom, painted in gray. The masonry was borne by Conspiera.

Living room

The living area comprises a 2-seater gray fabric triplet by Güell Lamadrid plus 2 sofas, in L, decorated with turquoise and gray rhombus fabrics. The walnut wooden shelf includes a low cabinet in the center with glass doors that hide the TV.

Dinning room

Dining room equipped with a 2 x 1 m glass table with foot and 8 gray leather chairs where oil on the walls stand out The market from Paco Minuesa and Salvador Collell on the right.


In the kitchen, turquoise blue and white have been combined, achieving an environment full of color and out of monotony. The walls have been covered with blue Silestone and the floor in charcoal gray with a blue border.


Office area for informal meals, with a table where wallpaper and glass were placed on top glued with silicone plus a bench with lid to take advantage of the space.


Kitchen with 2-door American fridge + water and ice dispenser.

Guest toilet

Courtesy toilet with front mirror from top to bottom xa enlarge the space made by Cristalsina.


Marriage room + bench and cookie chair matching the bedspread.

Main bathroom

With custom made washbasin cabinet with 2 sinks. It has a shower and hot tub.

Youth bedroom

Room with custom headboard, desk, bookcase and several drawers that occupy the entire wall of the window.


Double bathroom for girls with 2 white marble countertops and light green stucco walls.

Female bedroom

With white and blue striped wallpaper, and closet, desk, bookcase and cebecero with drawers and shoe cabinet.

The room of the boy

With a beige paper dump and a blue wall that contains a trundle bed, shelves with glass doors, display cabinets for storage and a sliding desk.


Individual child's bathroom with white tile in bathtub area, gray painted wall and white furniture.

Multipurpose room

In the basement we find a multipurpose room of 26 m2 with Home Cinema with lots of light because it opens onto an outdoor patio that can be used as a cinema, leisure room or even as a guest bedroom.

Informal dining room

In the multipurpose room, with HIFI chain used by the young people of the house and their friends.

Guest toilet

Guest toilet with green and white shower next to the multipurpose room.


The roof welcomes a pleasant and bright studio with panoramic view, custom furniture and glazed roof.


From the large roof terrace you can enjoy wonderful views over the city and Tibidabo.


The garage, individual, is boxed and can accommodate 3 cars, 3 motorcycles and several bicycles.

Garage entrance

Hall of the garage boxes with access to the street.


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