Copy the style: A bedroom decorated in mustard, green and blue

Copy the style: A bedroom decorated in mustard, green and blue

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Yellow-mustard: sunlight. It is vibrant, cheerful, bright and easy to combine. Cold colors are good, as they temper and bring freshness. This has been done in this environment of Maisons du Monde. In addition to bedding, it is present in ornamental objects, such as pineapple, box on the bedside table, etc. Mustard is also accompanied here by other softer colors that belong to the same tonal range. It is covered by beige, light yellow, toasted, ocher ... The result: elegant and cozy.

Blue and red brushstrokes. The green vegetation of the wallpaper puts jungle background to the room and offers a magnificent contrast with the mustard. Also the blues, bright and festive, add strength to the whole. Furniture and accessories have been chosen in this color: the cushions and the dresser, with its chest of drawers that alternates the wood with different shades of blue. The red color adds stimulating drops in small doses, because it is a space for rest ... We love this original atmosphere!

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Tropical exoticism in the bedroom

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