Sweet dreams! This is the ideal bedroom

Sweet dreams! This is the ideal bedroom

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The English Court

The space with which the room counts, the orientation, the type of furniture, the decorative details, the bedding, the mattress ... everything influences so that your room becomes that haven of peace that you need to relax and rest better.

And because it depends that during the night you recover the vital energy and that you get up with the renewed body, we tell you what to put and what not in the bedroom ... Interesting, right?

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In order for your mind to free itself from tensions, it is essential that space be fluid. A saturated stay twitches the nerves and makes relaxation difficult. In this refreshing bedroom, decorated in blue and white tones, the minimum elements have been used to make everything light and harmonious. In a bedroom that invites you to sleep, like this one, it is always a success to place bedside tables (all in The English court), decorative and functional, to put dim light lamps, leave your book, your alarm clock ...

Well chosen bedding The English Court

This detail is vital to rest. Sheets with a scratchy touch, with aged fabric or that do not adapt well to the size of the bed, are uncomfortable at bedtime. In case you are inspired to give your room a fresh touch choose cotton sheets (a breathable fabric and very pleasant to the touch). If, in addition, they are easy to iron, you will add a plus to your bedroom, since its appearance will always be perfect. You find them in different sizes and colors.


Noble materials ... The English Court

... simple lines. Beautiful and trendy furniture that lasts and is resistant, both over time and fashion. Wood is a safe bet. You have the proof in this Nordic style bed. A simple piece made with solid oak calls for calm and rest.


The mattress, the basic piece The English Court

Did you know that the responsibility for your rest lies on the mattress? If you sleep, but do not feel well when you wake up, get to the idea that it can be the mattress. How do you want it You can find it from pocket springs, latex, viscoelastic, foam, foam and visco mix ... Choosing between them, depends a little on the taste of each person. But one thing is clear, if yours is 10 years old or more, it's time to change it! Find them in The English Court.


And then the pillow The English Court

It is another key factor. Although your bed is double and everything is shared, in favor of rest it is recommended that everyone has their own. Surely, you both sleep in a different posture and the pillow has to adapt to that peculiarity. Your height should not be the same if you sleep on your side, face up or face down. Nor the material that each member of the couple prefers (fiber, latex, down-feather, viscoelastic ...). In The cut English You can find them of all sizes and shapes. If you need advice before buying, look here.

Organize in zones The English Court

If the space of your bedroom allows it and you have the possibility of including more elements in it than the bed and the bedside table, organize the space in areas of use. For example: rest, storage, dressing table, mini-office, reading area ... Maintaining the order and independence of each of them provides mental balance and relaxation. In this spacious bedroom a bench has been located at the foot of the bed and a functional console with a light structure, which barely recharges the environment.

I love her

Good ventilation The English Court

Look at this romantic cut bedroom. In addition to the perfect order in which all its elements are arranged, the combination of textiles and colors of your bedding and the fiber materials used in your furniture, what attracts the most attention are its two impressive windows. Perfect for proper ventilation (you know you have to renew the air daily) and to fill the room with natural light. Everything in it conveys comfort, warmth, luminosity and style.

Inspires you?

Clean walls The English Court

For your rest to be as expected, everything in the room has to contribute to creating an optimal environment. Including the wall where you support your bed. Leave it clear; reserve, pictures, sheets and others for the side walls (without reloading). Do not place the bed right in front of the door or under a window and if possible, opt for a full bed or add a headboard to your bed base. According to feng shui this adds stability to the room. As an example, this bedroom with a beech bed.

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Plants in the bedroom? The English Court

Much has been said (for and against) of having plants in the bedroom. It is evident that they bring the touch of life and humidity essential to the room, but their detractors focus on their oxygen consumption and their emission of nocturnal carbon dioxide. Basically, like sleeping with another person. But as in everything, it measures. It is not the same to have a plant on the bedside table, to turn the room into a garden. If you love its decorative effect, but you resist sharing your space with them. Opt for artificial ones, like this bouquet of roses.

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