This New Mexico house looks like a giant rock

This New Mexico house looks like a giant rock

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A tremendously creative house has just hit the market in Lamy, New Mexico and the $ 565,000 that this one-of-a-kind home costs may seem like a robbery. But there is a problem: first you have to find it.

The 2,400-square-foot house was built to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding limestone rock environment and its stone façade, quite similar to one in which the Flintstones characters could live. The house was built in 1985 according to the data.

The house is barely distinguishable from a distance except for a few windows, according to Curbed. However, although it seems like the perfect place for a private shelter (actually, how often do guests call a rock instead of a door?), The interior is very spacious.

High ceilings and large windows welcome a great deal of light and the living room offers panoramic views of the New Mexico landscape.

Although the house has only one bedroom, there are two lofts so that guests can stay to sleep.

The landscape includes patio, porch, garden and a pond.

An advantage: it is in the perfect place to observe meteor showers and stars. Authentic serenity

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Via: House Beautiful US


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