A house built to detail

A house built to detail

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Inma's house has 600 square meters, 400 as housing and 200 reserved for the patio with saltwater pool.

During the construction of the house, all the details have been thought to respond to the tastes and needs of its owners. An important detail that our reader wanted to take care of is energy efficiency. For this project it has had windows with thermal break, exterior and interior perimeter insulation throughout the building, LED lighting ... a series of characteristics that give it the energy classification B.

The interior is organized in living room, kitchen, double height entrance, office, three bedrooms, dressing room, four bathrooms and a toilet and a meeting area of ​​80 square meters that also has a mini kitchen, a bar counter, fireplace and cleanliness.

As for the decoration, this couple of 29 years, has opted for modern pieces and minimalist environments with some nod to the Nordic style. Let's enjoy the house!

Advertising - Keep reading under The kitchen

The kitchen is decorated in total white with the warmth of the wood. In addition, it has a dining table that also acts as a worktop.

The lounge, minimal

Also in white with wood details. The lines of simple furniture.

Seating area for many A dream pool The facade of the house When the sun goes down ...

An image of the pool illuminated at night.

A mini apartment

The house has a meeting area for friends and family that is practically an apartment with a living area and kitchen.

Like at the bar counter

In gray, white and red, open to the common space and with bar and stools as a bar.

A kitchen to share The office

In the same style that Inma and her partner likes: very current.


One of the bathrooms.

Hydromassage bathtub

In the bathroom, a hot tub to relax.

A corner of the bathroom The bedroom The dresser A complete dressing room without fronts In grid Stairs View of the passage area A careful lighting project Deco detail on the stairs


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