Sauteed rice with vegetables and sepia

Sauteed rice with vegetables and sepia

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Courtesy of La Sirena

Finish the day with a nutritious and delicious dish of rice that the whole family will like.

Courtesy of La Sirena

Wash a cup and a half of rice and boil flavoring the water with bay leaf, garlic
and a splash of oil and salt to taste. Remove from heat, drain well and set aside.

Whiten separately in abundant salt water frozen vegetables
from La Sirena: 150 g of chopped artichokes, 150 g of green beans and 150 g of extra-thin peas, for 2 minutes; Drain and reserve. Put in a pan
with oil two cuttlefish clean and cut into tacos. Add the vegetables and sauté with the rice. Add a dash of soy sauce, cook one more minute and remove.

Dress with a few grains of pink pepper and serve hot accompanied by some tender sprouts of lettuce. Ready to eat! Photo of frozen products La Sirena.

Courtesy of La Sirena

In addition, practical and original utensils and utensils to give the special touch to your dinners:


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