We review the 4 most popular fruits of the summer: plums, raspberries, brevas and melon

We review the 4 most popular fruits of the summer: plums, raspberries, brevas and melon

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Of course there are many more fruits in the summer season, but today we are going to focus on 4 of them, perhaps the most popular, the richest ...

Energy brevas

Enjoy the sweet taste of brevas and include them in your kitchen in fresh salads and rich cakes.


This purple fig fruit is less caloric than fig. It is digestive and has a diuretic effect. It is an energy food because of its carbohydrate content, such as glucose, fructose or sucrose, perfect for the most athletic.

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3 Recipes with melon


Melon lid to Pedro Ximénez: Put in a saucepan 300 ml of Pedro Ximénez and 80 g of sugar over medium heat; let reduce. Assemble a strudel with a layer of melon, another of beef jerky and one of mango. Repeat until you obtain the desired height. Spray with reduction; to serve.

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Chicken and melon salad: Place a base of canons in a salad bowl. Make melon balls and distribute. Chop a chicken breast, batter with chopped almonds and fry. Spread in the salad.

Melon slush. Cut and remove the seeds of a melon. Put in a blender with 500 ml of cold water. Strain and beat with 100 g of powdered sugar and the juice of a
lemon. Store in freezer, scratch the ice on time and save again.

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Plums: fresh and tasty

It is a fruit with multiple nutrients essential for health. Plums are rich in vitamins A, C, E and K, in fiber, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.


Write down these two recipes with plums:

Glasses of granola and plums. Melt 125 g of white chocolate. Add 125 g of natural yogurt and mix. In cups, put a layer of the resulting cream, granola and plums. Repeat until filling the glass.

Plum cake. Mix 50 g of butter with 125 g of warm milk. Add 250 g of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of salt; Mix in blender. Form a ball, cover and let stand 20 minutes. Place in a mold, cover with slices of plums and bake 30 min at 200º C.

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Raspberry: a healthy treasure

It is a juicy and delicious fruit that takes care of our health. Taking a single cup of raspberries a day provides enough daily calcium, protein, potassium or vitamin B9.


And two more recipes with raspberries as protagonists:

Salad with battered fish and raspberries. Dice and macerate 4 fillets of grouper. Drain, go through beaten egg and breadcrumbs and fry. Pour into a bowl with arugula, cheese flakes and raspberries. Water with vinaigrette with 75 g of raspberries, 1 knife. of vinegar, 5 of oil, salt and pepper.

Raspberry sorbet with cava. Put 400 g of frozen raspberries, 200 g of sugar and 1 tsp in a blender. of grated ginger. Beat, strain and mix with a bottle of cold cava. To serve.

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