Say goodbye to school stains

Say goodbye to school stains

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When they are young they need to develop their creativity more than ever, and that, luckily or unfortunately, usually includes spots and headaches (for parents). But don't worry, we have the solution! Write down these tips ... and let them get dirty at ease!

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They will be very rich, but when they stick to clothes ... the feeling is horrible! The trick to remove them? Rub the area with an ice, and when it becomes hard, remove the remains with a spatula.

Remove the chocolate

Chocolate is the eternal enemy of clean clothes, but if you mix a little water with ammonia, the problem will disappear!

Say goodbye to the painting

One of the things children like best is to paint, and the more colors, the better. But often clothes suffer the consequences ... the best solution? Before putting it in the washing machine, rub the back of the cloth with water and detergent.

Glue out

Another of the basics in crafts is glue, but it can be very cumbersome. If you have fallen into your clothes, take some acetone, rub the stain and wait several minutes. If it still remains, rub again with white vinegar, and to the washing machine!

Stains in the sink

Sometimes they like to continue with the crafts at home, but if the sink has been left as a Picasso painting, do not despair! Mix a Coke with a splash of toothpaste, pour it on the stain, rub it ... and it's over!