Lettuce, the freshest in the garden

Lettuce, the freshest in the garden

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It provides abundant vitamins and low calories: just 18 per 100 g of edible part, and it contains a lot of water. Also, thanks to lactucarium, one of the substances that compose it, its calming power on the nervous system facilitates sleep. Lettuce and company are the most used in any salad.

Lettuce varieties

There are many but we have chosen the most popular in the market to know them better.

Hard Leaf Lettuces:

Lettuce Romana It is a Spanish variety and the most nutritious, popular and economical. It is known as donkey ear, because its leaves are long and somewhat loose. It has a mini version: Tudela buds.

Endive. With very special flavor, slightly bitter and spicy. Curly leaves and green-yellow color. Combines well with nuts and citrus fruits.

Red chicory It is also called radicchio And this bitter lettuce comes from Italy. Thanks to its antioxidant power and digestive properties,
It is included in healthy diets. You can take stew.

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H lettucetender eye:

Oak Lettuce It depends on the color of the lettuce, it is known as white or red oak. In the first case, it is completely green, and in the second it has a dark purple hue that turns brown. Its wavy leaves remember those of the tree of which they bear his name. The texture is soft and crispy and the taste, a sweet spot. Ideally, mix it with other varieties, harder and bitter for salads. As dressings, fresh cheeses, fruits and soft vinaigrettes are good for you.

Trocadero It is the French lettuce. Tender leaves and delicate flavor, buttery and soft texture. Light dressings suit you. It combines with everything.

Arugula It has many nutrients: its intake improves digestion and helps reduce blood glucose levels. With a bitter touch, it is better mixed with other varieties.

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Canons. Small leaves with a certain nutty flavor. They are rich in iron and vitamin C. Their texture accompanies any recipe. In salads, they go well with strong flavors and nuts. You have to add them at the last moment, so they don't get soft.

INFO Lettuce contains antioxidants and is considered an effective diuretic that helps eliminate fluids.
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How to keep lettuce

In the refrigerator drawer, in the less cold zone.

Do not wash it: go tearing the leaves, as you go to consume, and put them under the tap, not soak. Then, centrifuge or dry with absorbent paper.

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The best homemade dressings for salads

A basic vinaigrette and infallible: 1 part vinegar per 3 parts oil plus salt and pepper to taste.

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Make the sauce aside. First, vinegar and salt. Mix it in a glass jar with a lid and shake it. Then the oil. Move the boat again.

The oil: extra virgin olive. For fresh salads, with lots of vegetables (tomato, onion, cucumber, etc.), better choose a picual variety, with a fresh flavor. For fruit and salad salads, choose an arbequina, with sweet notes.

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The vinegar: of wine, Jeréz, apple, balsamic, lemon juice ...

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Condiments: herbs such as basil, parsley, mint, dill and thyme. Also garlic and shallots and chopped chives.

Nuts: pipes, nuts ... Dijon mustard and honey add flavor and emulsify and soften the dressing.

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