How to reform a study

How to reform a study

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The owner of this central Madrid apartment He relied on the experience of the Farini-Bresnick Arquitectos studio and the construction company P.C.T. S.L. to make the reform of your home. For its square floor, of 60 m2, it was clear that with a functional distribution it could become a very flirtatious study and that wide windows they would be the perfect allies to achieve a total transformation. The objective of the reform was, therefore, to make the most of the meters and the light to create a feeling of greater amplitude.

As for the distribution, we opted for Divide the space into two zones. One of them includes the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, which are not separated by partitions, and the second one incorporates a dressing room and a bathroom into the rest area. After the works, the right decisions are in sight. For starters, all the natural light that floods the room is also enjoyed in the dining room, kitchen and entrance to the house. And secondly, a sliding panel installed between the multifunctional lounge and the bedroom makes the rest area independent when necessary. The final finish was achieved with the renovation of the coatings: white plastic paint and oak flooring and the choice of doors, smooth and lacquered. The result: visual continuity, luminosity and aesthetic coherence.

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Suspended furniture is key in the distribution of this floor. They act as a dividing element between the living room and the kitchen, while allowing the passage of natural light. Its design consists of a bookcase and a synthetic countertop, with storage modules. Furniture made by the construction company P.C.T. S.L. Countertop, by Corian. Stools, by Calligaris, in Decor Italia.

Living room

The tandem formed by the sofa and the coffee table gained visual interest with the chromatic strength of the painting and the carpet. In the large window that floods the room with natural light, vertical louvers were installed, which allow to graduate so much light and ensure privacy. Sofa with taupe gray upholstery and coffee table with asymmetric envelope, for sale in La Oca. The ceiling lamp comes from the Architecture store. Picture painted by Cristina Gavira. Blinds, by Avilux Persianistas. Solid oak flooring, in wide planks, supplied and installed by Singular Entarimados.

Image of the living room with the integrated dining room and kitchen.

From the sofa, what you see is a dining room with a modern and very decorative design, while Lorena Design's cooking area is discreetly in the background.

Open spaces

After the reform, access to the bedroom is made directly from the living room.

Sliding panel that separates the bedroom

It is a key element in the distribution, which communicates and separates the bedroom from the living room. Its forehead is smooth to visually lighten its large dimensions. Bed and lamps, Habitat. Tables, from La Oca. Picture by Cristina Gavira

Dressing room

With the new distribution a bedroom with dressing room and bathroom was created. To take advantage of the space, two closet fronts occupy two walls and form a transit area that leads to the bathroom. The doors here are all smooth and lacquered in white to merge with the walls more easily; In addition, they are sliding so as not to lose useful surface in the rooms.


In the bathroom, the limestone that covers the walls enhances the light that comes from the rest area, since it does not have windows. In addition, with a wall-to-wall mirror and the undercounter washbasin, which achieves a surface without interruptions, a feeling of greater amplitude was achieved.


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