10 spring desks to work with joy!

10 spring desks to work with joy!

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Well, okay ... Let's admit it, Getting to work is not something you usually feel like, but if you do it in a dull and boring space, depression will be imminent! For this reason and as a gesture of solidarity, here we leave you 10 very fresh ideas to decorate your desk in the most cheerful (and colorful) way possible. To enjoy!

Advertising - Keep reading below Wallpaper

A wall with floral wallpaper would transform even the most drab of desks!

Pinterest: Amber Oliver


If you are passionate about industrial style, here is the desk of your dreams!

Pinterest: Gala Sfriso

With art

You want to have the desktop more happy of the world? Then decorate it with your favorite paintings, but they are full of color!

Pinterest: Jennifer Sanabia


Can you smell the scent of flowers? Get out of the wall!

Pinterest: Gremaud Colette


Every queen of glam You need a desk that becomes a dressing table ...

Pinterest: Haley Smith


They say that blue is a color that relaxes, especially if it has such a beautiful tone!

Pinterest: Cafofo nº5


With a design reminiscent of the mountains, this desk with coral table will brighten your days yes or yes!

Pinterest: Church Furniture


A feminine and artistic desk decorated with paper flowers. They are not very cool?

Pinterest: Lidia Marina Bathrobe

Color detail

If it weren't for the chair and the colorful garland, this desk would not be the same!

Pinterest: Isabela Alarcón


Pastel pink, a feminine tone that never goes out of style ... because we love it!

Pinterest: Daniela Oliveira


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