Keys to choose and locate the side tables and give a personal touch to your living area

Keys to choose and locate the side tables and give a personal touch to your living area

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1 A design table

The finish of the side tables will have to be in line with the rest of the furniture. You can choose models made of a single material or select a combination of several materials to achieve a more striking effect. The wood is durable and quite resistant; The glass is perfect for small spaces because of its visual lightness, but forget about it if you have children at home. The combination of iron and wood or metal and glass is a great option.

Tables with open legs. They give you the option of placing boxes and baskets between them or being able to make a shelf underneath.

As with the materials, the chosen tables have to follow the same look than the rest of the room. The wooden ones are perfect for a rustic house; those of metal for an industrial hall; those of simple lines and light colors for a house with Nordic style, and those of marble for a classic one.

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2 A room in pure white

The auxiliary furniture, besides being beautiful, must be useful. You may want them to organize books or magazines and leave the TV remote, so, in this case, you should look for a model with storage space such as a shelf or one with removable cover and interior hollow. If you want it as a table lamp holder, you will have to take into account its size and style. If your choice is for decorative reasons, you will have more freedom in sizes and shapes.

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On a pedestal Decorate a corner with a height design and put pots and plants on it.

If you are looking to give an original and personal touch to your living room, dare to use as an auxiliary furniture, pieces whose initial function was not this. Make a pile with old suitcases or books and use it as a table, use a stool to support a pot with flowers, tree trunks to leave the TV remote or a bench as a coffee table.

3 Classic and modern

The size of the side table has to be in relation to the dimensions of the room and the rest of the furniture. If you choose a model that is too large and you place it in front of a small sofa, the effect can be totally disproportionate, while if it is too small it can be ridiculous, as well as impractical. So it is best to buy it when you have chosen the main furniture of the living area.

Vanessa Arbuthnott
At your feet. If you do not fit a lamp on the table, do not worry, choose one standing with aesthetics or similar color.

Game of forms. Rectangular, square, oval ... the possibilities are multiple. The rectangular ones look great in front of the sofa; the squares next to him, and the round ones in places of passage and in small spaces to lighten. The nests are perfect for when you have guests and little room.

4 A green room

This, next to the sofa, make up the tandem on which the life of being revolves. Your choice will be determined by the seats and available space. The table must not exceed the height of the sofa seat and must be separated from it by about 50 cm, so that the circulation is fluid. Regarding the measures, the best option is that it is half as long as the sofa or about two thirds. If you have two sofas, one in front of the other and enough space, opt for twin tables.

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Multifunction furniture. Gain storage space with models with drawers, magazine racks or shelves.

And the rest of the side tables where do I put them? The corner hollow that leaves two seats in "L" is perfect leaving between table and sofa at least 10 cm. You can also place them next to the sofa in an area of ​​passage, in a corner to decorate or next to your armchair to support your book and glasses. Ambience of.

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