If you are going to become independent this is the basic equipment you will need

If you are going to become independent this is the basic equipment you will need

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The illusion of finally! leaving the nest, is often overshadowed by the many pending tasks that - from a happy domestic irresponsibility - you had not even considered. Well, it was time to make your own trousseau and buy that little home survival kit. What you have seen in your house may influence you when looking for something similar for this new stage, but the variety of designs is such that it is most likely that this team has nothing in common with that, not even the Name. Welcome to the basics of home!

Past and present. Embroidery and strips with lace continue to enrich many home textiles, but today it is no longer perceived as tradition or obligation to have a set of sheets and towels, in addition to a tablecloth, all embroidery and considered family treasures that, even , were performed at home.

With another mentality. The large family tableware, composed of endless pieces, is no longer a must in a millennial house; and if it is, it is probably a wedding gift or a family inheritance.

The stylish kitchenware Made in Spain and the one that arrives with good design from other countries attracts more attention from those who become independent because its price is reasonable, there is an option to buy it for pieces and it facilitates the mix & match or mix of pieces.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Your corner of coffee

Don't miss a breakfast corner, Functional and flirtatious, with everything at hand early in the morning. With this idea, which barely occupies countertop space, still asleep, it is easy to prepare coffee ... Lola Home cups.

Buy here 39,17 €


2 Cookware

It is more interesting to have few pieces and a little better than buying many cheap pots of doubtful quality, which spoil immediately. Make a list of essentials to start, and expand it according to the budget and space of your kitchen. Everything from Ikea.

Buy here From € 4 bars Kungsfors

Buy here € 24.99 and € 29.99 pots, 3 and 5 l.

3 Basic tableware

In El Corte Inglés they explain an infallible rule for dark dishes: "accompany it with accessories in neutral tones and emphasize fabrics such as linen and cutlery with relief".

Buy here Crockery BASIC since € 1.50 / piece.

Buy here Cutlery Tiber, € 34.95 / 24 pieces.

Buy here Napkin Sydneyof linen € 15.95 / two.

4 Glasses and cups

A drawing as simple as a paper ship evokes the best moments by the sea, and the stripes navy They are updated in a dusty gray, easy to integrate into the decoration.

The pieces of daily use, reflect your personality and lifestyle, comfort and rejoice!

Buy Kitchenware, from Krasilnikoff: glasses € 7.50 each

5 Inspiration 'arty'

Original, creative and trendy, the motifs that decorate the current dishes squander style.

Test yourself and find out how to combine them with other designs, as do the instagramers and influencers, to energize and personalize the table.

Buy here Kitchenware, from Rivièra Maison.

6 Bedding

Softness, comfort and durability define quality bedding.

The order gurus affirm that only two games per bed are necessary and that this rule should be met: when a new one enters, another one comes out. If you don't like it, choose reversible duvet covers and cushions ideal for coordinating ...

Buy here Linen Duvet Cover 139 €.

Kenay Home bedroom.

7 Cushions and blankets

The bedding plays an important role in the decoration of the bedroom, because it creates a certain atmosphere and can make your room one of the most special corners of the house.

Choosing the fabric of the sheets or the duvet cover that will be in contact with the body is also an aspect to consider and a very personal decision. However, linen or linen and cotton stone-washed fabrics are a tendency for their shades soft, its naturalness and extra softness.

Cushion covers and plaids, by IB Laursen.

Buy here Paid € 25.06

Buy here Cushion € 25.66

8 Basic for the bathroom

The towel is more than a basic; renew stamped design or in jacquard and color range every season - the chalk tones of these towels, from Kenay Home, are fashionable - because they, too, have become a deco element.

Buy here From € 24.90


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