An inspiring studio for an artist

An inspiring studio for an artist

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Seeing today this space full of charm, it is hard to believe that for years it was a dark corner and damaged by moisture in the back of a Lisbon building. The lack of isolation, light, kitchen and bathroom made the conditions to inhabit it impossible. But a music in search of a place to create saw its potential and decided to give it a second chance.

The Portuguese studio ARK Studio was the one who worked the miracle, giving this shelter a new window, a stove to heat it, a mini-kitchen and a bathroom. Its members decided to preserve the architectural features typical of the area, such as wooden beams and white walls, and combine them with more current and simple finishes, such as polished cement floor and pine wood doors and furniture. To provide warmth and arouse the inspiration of the new inhabitant, they searched for pieces of furniture vintage of artistic inspiration in second-hand markets. Here you breathe art.

Advertising - Keep reading below Second chance

It was a wet, dark and forgotten warehouse. Today is the Lisbon refuge where he creates music.

Start over

ARK Studio has been in charge of reforming it to make it fit for life.

Respect the essence

ARK Studio architects wanted to preserve original elements such as wooden beams and white walls, so characteristic of the houses in the area.

Less is more

In order not to recharge the space much, they have chosen simple furniture with serene colors.

The past returns

The pieces have been searched in second-hand markets to add character to the space with its history.

Wake up the muses

They wanted to create an atmosphere that is both calm and inspiring.


They installed a stove to heat the study.


Wood, white and gray are the predominant decoration.

Serene and natural

A detail of the decoration.

New spaces

To make it habitable, it was necessary to install a mini-kitchen and a bathroom.

It has wood

The kitchen furniture has been manufactured with pine wood.

Open storage

In addition to the cabinets, shelves have been installed to expose some pieces.

Easy access

It also makes it easier to access the most used utensils.


The sliding bathroom door has also been made of pine wood.

Bathroom storage

Like the bathroom closet.


Detail of the sink, the closet and the mirror.

Refreshing shower

The bathroom has a shower.


Here we have also continued with the aesthetics of the rest of the study.

Minimum expression

The minimalist shower

Open to the outside

To bring the light inside, the architects opened a new window.


A patio separates the study from the main building.

Well insulated

The exterior insulation was very important in the project since in the past the humidity wreaked havoc.


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