Mango cup with strawberry coulis, step by step

Mango cup with strawberry coulis, step by step

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Mango and strawberries ... An ideal combination, and with the touch of peppermint it becomes the most delicious dessert of the summer.

We tell you how to prepare the cup step by step.

Difficulty: Easy Time: 40 min

INGREDIENTS (4 people):- 2 handles
- 250 g of strawberries
- Baking soda
- Fresh peppermint
- 70 g of sugar
- 1 sheet of neutral jelly

Step 1:


Make a cut to the handle on each side of the bone to obtain 2 halves with pulp and another with the bone. Make longitudinal and transverse cuts without getting through the skin. Separate the pulp with the help of a spoon.

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Step 2:


Wash the strawberries under the cold water tap and take their tails off. Dilute a tablespoon of baking soda in a liter of water and dip the strawberries. Let it soak 10 minutes. Rinse, crush and strain well.

Step 3:

Put a saucepan on the fire with the juice of strawberries, softened jelly and sugar. Keep on fire. Spread in glasses and put in the fridge 2 hours. Serve with mango and peppermint dice.

The result of this dessert with mango and strawberries can not be more palatable ...

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