Pink inspiration: 10 receivers that will raise your sugar

Pink inspiration: 10 receivers that will raise your sugar

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Sweet, feminine, irresistible ... If you want to limit your passion for color more chicDo not cut yourself and dare to decorate the hall with some pink notes. You don't know where to start? Don't worry, we are here to inspire you!

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The door painted in pastel pink is very cute, but you have to assume that ... the best of the set is the puppy (rather dog)!

Pinterest: Laure

More cake

Another option that shows that it doesn't take much to get a pretty hall with a rustic spot. It's all about details!

Pinterest: Ninasvintage


There are times when the wallpaper takes care of everything, and this is the perfect example! Illustrated with trees and birds, the tones combine beautifully with the carpet. Ideal for a country house!

Pinterest: Nativity Escavias


A flower king size in fuchsia tones it will add texture to the hall, and if you combine it with details in different shades of pink, it will be very chic!

Pinterest: Tracey Chan Design

With art

An intense hall only suitable for daring! What do you think about the mix of styles and colors?

Pinterest: Pipeau Bavarois

Golden dreams

If you do not know how to combine a pink door, do not hesitate, a golden polka dot wallpaper will give the touch glam what were you looking for ...

Pinterest: Decoralia Blog


Have you ever seen a staircase that original? In degraded tones that are clarified as you climb steps ... and surrounded by seedlings!

Pinterest: Paul Ksillas


There is nothing like remembering the three keys to success to leave home full of energy!

Pinterest: Ninasvintage


Fashion pink is beautiful on this elegant table, and even more combined with such a cool wallpaper!

Pinterest: Ra Mor

Pure geometry

Pastel tones and geometric designs, two safe bets if you want to win a modern and bright hall!

Pinterest: La Giraldo


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