A shared room to study and play

A shared room to study and play

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Susana Gómez, Guillermo and Daniel's mother, wanted the room of his children were very functional. Therefore, he chose custom furniture. A nest bed, a handy desk and various storage areas got it.

Advertising - Continue reading under Furniture in washed gray tone

The washed gray was the shade chosen for the furniture. This provides a neutral chromatic base with details in more intense colors, such as blue and red. Furniture, Forms and Styles. Plate on the trunk and carpet, by Deco & Living. Bedding, from Zara Home. This practical trunk is the ideal place to store cars and balls. Also, the boys can sit. Cushions: the red ones, from Ikea; the one of the doggy, of Zara Home and those of Star Wars, of Curiosite.

Painted paper

Guillermo and Daniel dream of the ships and pirates that star in the decoration of the walls. In them, a fun paper, from The Frog and The Princess, is combined with a matching base with the furniture. Verosol screen blind.

Custom desk

In the gap between the bed and the wall, taking advantage of natural light, a custom-made desk with chest of drawers was arranged. Silla, from El Corte Inglés. Lamp, vase, seedlings and cushion, from Deco & Living. Vintage van, Curiosite.

Bookends Robot

The shelves are a good resource when it comes to keeping the children's rooms arranged. For example, organize your books by size and use boxes, dolls or bookends to keep them in order. Robot, from Curiosite.

Boxes with numbers and orange

To facilitate the task of organization to the little ones, leave within reach what they use daily. Reserve the top shelves for decorative items and toys that are not used so much. Boxes with numbers and orange, from Ikea. Shark fin and amoeba cushion, from Curiosite. The bin is from Zara Home.

Distribution plan

1. TO SLEEP. The window wall was used to place the trundle bed. This solution is ideal if you need two places to sleep in and there is no space left over or you want to create a recreational space for children.
2. STUDY AREA. The custom-made desk is L-shaped which multiplies its useful surface. In addition, thanks to the chest of drawers, there is room to store all school supplies.
3. EXTRA STORAGE. Next to one of the bookstores, a large trunk was placed in which, in addition to storing the things of the kids, a small sofa was created


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