A renovated apartment decorated with freshness and charm

A renovated apartment decorated with freshness and charm

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J. L. Hausmann

It has a lot of personality, overwhelming natural light and a green environment that is very relaxing. This ground floor with garden is the dream house. The luminosity and the views to the outside are a gift. Despite being a bass, natural lighting has been optimized to the maximum by opening the house to the garden and achieving an excellent inside-outside connection. To make it what it is today, the excellent work of the Miriam Castells architecture studio.

A decoration with an industrial touch

The living room shares the same surface with the dining room and a study area.

In the living room, sofa Place, for Vitra, with cushions, Materia and Nordicthink. The vegetable fiber tables are from Teodora, and the lamp Archimedes, of Section. J. L. Hausmann

The combination of different mosaic floors is one of the jewels of the house.

The metal beams and the brick seen give it an air of modernist loft.

Summer lounge

The sofa is from the collection Nestby Javier Pastor for Expormim. It is completed with a table and armchair made of wood and fibers. J. L. Hausmann

An outdoor seating area has been installed on the porch to extend the interior to the exterior with a wooden floor.

J. L. Hausmann
With several reasons, pavements are the focus of attention in all spaces.

The dining room table is a design by Miriam Castells Studio, it is provided with wheels, to move it and even take it out to the terrace. The countertop is marble. Uneven chairs and warehouse shelving are the latest solutions.

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Kitchen in pure white

Arranged in parallel, the kitchen furniture rents up to the last centimeter. White and wooden cabinets have been combined. The contrast is great!

J. L. Hausmann Miele appliances. J. L. Hausmann

A storage area occupies the entire wall and incorporates appliances. The compact set offers a lot of room. The lower drawers have a recess in the front as a handle. The rough wood finish, with knots in sight, is part of its charm. Wooden shelves are perfect for placing glass boats and small appliances. Decorate without motley.

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Unconventional bedrooms

Recovered furniture, such as the yellow-painted wardrobe and the wicker armchair, as well as the shelf-boxes, distinguish the children's room.

The cradle is the model Rheafrom Oeuf. J. L. Hausmann
The master bedroom overlooks the terrace
Bedding by Mikmax and Teixidors. IKEA curtains. J. L. Hausmann

The bed, dressed in natural fabrics, has been placed in front of the balcony to enjoy the views, which do not obstruct the light curtains. A bedroom with fair furniture where you can breathe a calm air.

A standing mirror, a dummy to hang clothes and light: no more is needed in this beautiful space.

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The bathroom, with subway tiles, wall tap, Macael marble sink and towel rail. Super original!

Housing plan

An elongated and comfortable layout. The interiors are preceded by a square garden that flows into the porch-terrace of the house. The kitchen integrates directly into these outdoor spaces. J. L. Hausmann

The team of the architect Miriam Castells was commissioned to reform and decorate the entire house. The objective was to create functional and cheerful environments, but full of aesthetic winks reminiscent of past times. Hence, the coatings will resort to materials that recreate decorative modes of the twentieth century, as the mosaic floor of the living room, without a doubt, very striking.

Hydraulic floor It combines three types of drawings, separated from each other by stripes of white tiles that harmonize the whole and visually delimit the areas - state, dining room, study. Brick wall In this triple environment and the structural elements that have been exposed - metal beams or air conditioning ducts - remember the modernist and industrial houses of the first half of the 20th century.

The baby's room gathers recycled furniture and practical ideas

As for the equipment, small parts have been chosen to avoid mottling and hinder natural lighting. Improvements were also made in this regard, for example, a window was installed to access the terrace, which offers a great panoramic view. Wood and natural fibers are very present. Everything has been thought to gather warmth, functionality, beauty and a strong hallmark. The house shines with its own light. Outstanding!

Realization: Olga Gil-Vernet.