Tanatotourism: the latest travel fashion bets on the macabre

Tanatotourism: the latest travel fashion bets on the macabre

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Would you like to spend your next vacation visiting a concentration camp, or a ghost town ravaged by a nuclear explosion? We assume that the answer will be a resounding no with horrified expression included, and it is not surprising. However, the Tanatotourism or dark tourism It has become one of the most demanded ways of traveling in recent times.

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But before screaming in the sky, let's analyze the reasons behind these travelers' decision.

On the one hand, for the tourist who decides to take a trip to horror, there is an extreme need to know the history on-site, however disturbing the experience may be.

On the other, it is a way of learning from the most atrocious mistakes of humanity, to prevent them from recurring in the future.

Obviously, there are also those who travel for simple morbidity or to get the selfie More striking, like everyone who, inexplicably, approaches an accident to take pictures instead of helping.

The experience, in short, is not a dish of good taste, but it may be soaking up the horror in the first person, without the filter of a television screen or a computer in between, and always with the present respect, it makes us rethink life otherwise. Below, we show you the most famous macabre destinations around the world.

"... there are those who travel for simple morbidity or to get the selfie More striking."


Ghost town of Pripyat.

Following the success of the HBO series, Chernobyl has doubled the number of visits. The tours, which usually leave from Kiev, include access to Prypiat, the ghost town where the Nuclear Power Plant workers and their families lived. Although buildings cannot be visited, much of the outdoor areas such as the amusement park itself.

Prices are around 80 to 400 euros, and offer from simple excursions of a few hours, to visits that last several days, with accommodation included in one of the hotels that were built in the area.

Hotels near Chernobyl

Park Inn by Radisson, Kiev


Boulevard of Fountains, Kiev


Hotel Verhovina, Kiev


Railway Station, Kiev



Commonly known as the forest of suicides, Aokigahara is one of those cursed places that bristles the skin and at the same time fascinates with the beauty of its landscape. Located in Japan, at the foot of Mount Fuji, this 35 square kilometer forest is sadly famous since time immemorial for being the destination that many souls choose to end their lives.

In fact, there are several posters that the International Suicide Prevention Association has placed along the trails to prevent suicides.

But the reality is overwhelming: abandoned cars, tents, mattresses, colored ribbons that mark the roads to return in case of regret ... A spooky atmosphere that floats in the middle of a deafening silence, not suitable for sensitive people.

Hotels near Aokigahara

Motosu View, Fujikawaguchiko


Yamadaya, Fujikawaguchiko


Shoji Mount, Fujikawaguchiko


Yamabiko, Fujikawaguchiko



If just reading his name turns your stomach, imagine what you would feel to see him in person. Auschwitz is not a kind visit, of course, but it is a necessary journey into the depths of human horror. to raise awareness, not only of ourselves, but also of future generations, of the ethical and moral limits that cannot be exceeded again.

The place impresses at any time of the year, but it is especially distressing in winter, while the snowflakes fall on the electrified fences, and the train tracks that once constituted the passage to death, freeze silently under the icy temperatures.

Hotels near Auschwitz

Hotel Olecki, Oświęcim


Apartment Tosia, Oświęcim


Oświęcim apartment


Hotel Imperiale, Oświęcim


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