Canned onion and pears and some more ideas

Canned onion and pears and some more ideas

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If you are going to conserve fruit or tomato, it will be enough to carry out the sterilization in the water bath for about 20 minutes, since the high degree of acidity that they possess will prevent bacteria from developing.

Canned onion and pears

INGREDIENTS (4 people):
- 1/2 kg of onions
- 2 pears
- 3 spice cloves
- 2 tablespoons brown sugar
- 2 dl Pedro Ximénez wine
- 0.5 dl of sherry vinegar

Wash the pears, Take away their hearts and seeds and chop them. Peel and cut the onions in julienne. Put a large pan on the fire with onions and pears. Keep on low heat for 30 to 45 minutes approx.

Add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the pan brown and 3 cloves of spice. Stir for 2 min. Add the sherry vinegar and Pedro Ximénez. Let reduce until it thickens, about 30 minutes.

Place in an express pot the canned jar covered with water. Close the pot and, when you start to release the steam, leave it for 30 minutes approx. After this time, turn off the pot and let cool slowly. Remove the jar, place it face down until it is completely cold. Fill the jar with the can and store in the fridge, labeled with the name and date of packaging.

AN ADVICE: Fill the bottle to the top, it is better that there is no air layer between the food and the lid to prevent pathogens from developing.

Jams and jams

Another good option to preserve summer fruits and enjoy them throughout the year is to make jams or homemade jams with them.

It is very easy to prepare your own homemade preserves and you will make sure that the jam of your breakfasts does not have additives.

The basic difference between a jam and a jam is that the first one is made with less sugar. But you decide which one to prepare.

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Boats and jars with a lot of charm for your preserves


These classic models are always a success. In a pantry closet or, what is better, in sight. Its vichy box cover makes your recipe look even more. Get several and place them in a row on a bare shelf next to some flowers.


Decorate the canned jars yourself that you can recycle with scraps and pretty bows. The secret is in the contrasts. Mix colors and prints ... without fear!

With golden lid

These classic glass jars are all the rage in the world 3.0. They are the protagonists of the photos with more Instagram likes of foodies from around the world. And its aesthetic is worth it!


Tin cans with the original illustrations of Derriere La Porte are not lacking in the most chic kitchens (€ 12).

Make them yourself

In the same way that we recommended you customize the canning jars with scraps and bows, you can do the same with a more rustic touch using jute rope and sackcloth.

Of colors

For the most colorful and cheerful kitchens. Perfect in a row on a white kitchen base. The perfect touch will be given with a slate sticker to write the name of what is inside.

For the cookies

In this beautiful maxi can in red you can store the breakfast cookies and place it in sight in the kitchen, as another element of decoration. It is from El Corte Inglés (€ 7).

Of different heights

If you prefer something more minimalist, the cylindrical glass boats with simple covers are perfect. Choose them in different heights and fill them with legumes of different colors and textures. El Corte Inglés boats (€ 8).

Boats of all kinds

You can choose to choose glass jars with a lid (used in the bathroom to store accessories) or small bottles with airtight cap. Your kitchen will breathe pure originality.

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