The summer cocktail: Moscow mule

The summer cocktail: Moscow mule

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Moscow mule cocktail

An American classic, this cooler Quick to prepare, it has a rocambolesque history. The Moscow Mule emerged in Los Angeles in 1941 by associating the owner of a pub who wanted to develop his own line of ginger beer with the distributor of a brand of Russian vodka unknown at the time: Smirnoff and a Muscovite woman traveling to the New World with He intended to sell 2,000 cups of copper from his father's company. The success was so resounding that the Moscow Mule It became the fashionable drink.

- 50 ml of vodka
- A piece of lime
- 250 ml of ginger beer
- Liquid sugar
- Crushed ice
- A sprig of mint

The shopping list to prepare a Moscow Mule:

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liquid sugar Liquid sugar Toschi 16,62 € Buy

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Pour directly into a copper cup half of the crushed ice, vodka, squeezed lime juice and a dash of sugar. Mix with rod.

Pour the rest of the ice and fill with the Ginger beer Garnish with a thin slice of lime and mint.

Master Trick: You can substitute ginger ale for ginger ale although the taste will be completely different. As for the container, you can replace the cup with a long glass, but copper, like any metal, has the advantage of staying fresh for longer. Drink it with a straw.

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