This dining room with swings is sent home and is assembled in an hour

This dining room with swings is sent home and is assembled in an hour

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Goodbye to conventional dining rooms! This Swing Table - or dining room with swings - is the most original proposal we have seen lately. The world of decoration is always in constant motion and although new, beautiful and functional design comes to our writing every day, this dining room has seemed to us the least… interesting.

from frnete Etsy

The design is simple, minimalist and elegant. The simple lines and the mixture of the white color with the wood do it in a piece of total actuality and in addition, this dining room with swings, we have been able to verify that it is great for the garden as for inside the house.

landscape Etsy

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And it has an extra: a beautiful pot embedded in the table top.

Etsy pot

A great dining room to enjoy hours and hours of desktop while you swing on the swing. Of course, we advise not to overdo it with wine during dinner ...

full Etsy

There are several models to buy a dining room with swings:

dining room for two

To buy

1.620,86 €

Colorful dining room

To buy

4.972,96 €

dining room for 4

To buy

4.354,20 €

Long dining room

To buy

4.170,87 €

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