How to choose a steam oven?

How to choose a steam oven?

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Neff CircoSteam® ovens bake only with hot air, only with steam or by combining both systems to get juicy meats and fish inside and golden and crispy on the outside.
The perfect option to eat a healthy diet, low fat and salt.
Being available in several sizes (standard 60cm and compact 45cm) they adapt to all types of kitchens.
In this link you can find delicious recipes to make with the furnaces with CircoSteam®.


Originally the steam cooker was reserved only for professionals but little by little and given its high number of followers, it is being introduced in the domestic market.

That is why the most important brands of appliances in the market have specialized in steam and have a wide range of options adapted to the needs and kitchens of each chef.


Steaming every day has more followers. Many are those who have already discovered their advantages and want to incorporate an oven with this function into their kitchen.

Steaming is the technique that best respects the taste and nutrients of food by using only water vapor to cook them.

There are several studies that talk about its benefits: it helps us to have less heavy digestions, lower cholesterol levels and even improve the appearance of our skin by respecting all the vitamins in food.

If you also want to know how to enjoy all the flavor of food, today we tell you everything.


The mark of Neff appliances It has specialized in steam appliances in all its versions and has a wide range of options adapted to the needs and kitchens of each chef: hot air ovens with added VarioSteam® steam, ovens that combine air and steam like those that incorporate the CircoSteam® system, ovens that cook with only steam, and even a steam accessory that converts a normal oven into a steam one.

VarioSteam steam supply ovens

Neff VarioSteam® ovens are a new way of interpreting steam, generating it at specific times during cooking time. Moisture is injected into the oven cavity at different intervals and intensities while the oven is in operation.
Its use is very simple, just fill the tank with water and select the desired steam intensity. The steam supply can be added to different oven functions: CircoTherm hot air, pizza function, ThermoGrill, Upper / lower heat or Baking bread function.
With this type of cooking we get: more crispy exteriors, much more juicy interiors, since food dries less and reduces its volume less, and in addition, cooking time is reduced.


In Neff VarioSteam® furnaces the steam intensity (low, medium or high) can be adjusted according to our need.
For example: low intensity to obtain more tender cakes and pastries, medium intensity for roasts of meat or poultry at their point, or high intensity for more juicy roasts of fish or for the bread doughs to acquire a greater volume.
Without a doubt, the oven that all lovers of pastries, bread and roasts would like.
Here you can see some examples of recipes for cooking with Neff's VarioSteam® ovens.


Neff steam ovens are a great choice for all those who like to take care of themselves and enjoy the purest taste of vegetables, fish and seafood.
They are the perfect complement for a multifunction oven (and there are also 45 cm tall models and others the size of a microwave) and offer endless cooking options and special defrosting or regeneration functions, so that the dishes of the previous day seem freshly cooked .
Here are several examples of recipes for cooking with steam ovens.


The steam cooking accessory allows us to convert a Neff multifunction oven into a steam oven in a few seconds.
Its use is very simple, we just have to fill the enameled tray with greater depth (between 500 ml and 750 ml) and place the food in the perforated tray or in any of the other two auxiliaries.
Put the lid on and insert the oven accessory with the “steam cooking” program.
A good option for those who have little space in their kitchen and cannot combine a multifunction oven and a steam oven, but do not want to give up a healthy and natural kitchen.
With it we can prepare very simple recipes, such as those you can see in these recipes with the steam accessory.