Pasta salad with watermelon Summer salad!

Pasta salad with watermelon Summer salad!

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Today we propose one of the freshest recipes that will go through your kitchen. This pasta salad with watermelon is very tasty, easy to prepare and in addition to having many nutrients it will keep you hydrated.

Cheer up and prepare this refreshing and nutritious salad today.

Tip: In salads, use short pasta to make it easy to prick it, and with stretch marks or recesses, to retain the dressing.

- 400 gr of pasta (coditos)
- 200 gr of chicken breast
- Watermelon without seeds (to taste)
- Olive oil
- 2 Cucumbers
- 1 purple onion
- Lemon juice (to taste)
- Salt
- Mint leaves

You have the entire visa doing it wrong: How to peel a watermelon 😮


Put water to heat in a pot and, when it breaks to boil, add the pasta and a teaspoon of salt. Let the pasta cook for as long as the manufacturer indicates. When you are ready, drain well and reserve.

In a pan or grill, put the chicken breast cut in fillets with a little oil until they brown.

Wash and cut the cucumbers into pieces, julienne the onion and cube the watermelon without seeds. In a bowl, mix the pasta with chicken, cucumber, onion and watermelon. Season with oil, lemon juice and salt. Garnish with chopped mint leaves. Take to the table and ... enjoy!

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