What you should keep in mind to set up the study area of ​​the little ones

What you should keep in mind to set up the study area of ​​the little ones

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If you still do not have your own study corner and this year you have decided that it is time to have your desk, take note of these 4 tips to mount it. It will be much easier for them to sit down to do their homework.

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When choosing your table, consider the child's needs, height and size and style of the room. If your child is small, the best are the height-adjustable desks, which grow as the child does. They should have enough space for books, notebooks, pencils and, as teenagers, for the computer. In addition, it must have the same style as the rest of the room deco. Avoid glass furniture, glass and glossy materials.

Take care of your back. The most important thing when choosing a chair is that it allows a correct body posture, while the feet remain on the floor at a 90º angle to the hip. Ideally, a height-adjustable and ergonomic chair. In addition, it is preferable that it does not have wheels to eliminate any possible game. Ambience of Car Möbel.


To have greater comfort and avoid problems with your eyesight, proper lighting is essential. Natural light is best suited to study or do homework, so if space allows it, place your desk so that light enters from the side; If your child is right-handed on the left side and if he is left-handed on the right, you will avoid shadows. If you can only place it in front of the window, avoid the annoying focus of direct light on the face, appropriate light.

Artificial lighting. When outside light is not enough, it uses other light sources. In addition to the general light, it is necessary a table lamp that occupies little, that provides a direct light, better with the articulated foot or flexo with the beam of airship light and white or bluish color. The table is by Ikea and the chair by Maisons du Monde.


Children have to be able to pick up any material they need when studying without having to get up from the chair, so they will avoid becoming discouraged. To do this, your study area must have shelves, organizers, drawers, baskets ... Enough space to store everything and be organized to quickly locate things. Look for modular furniture to add pieces as the child grows and changes his needs.

In order. To gain efficiency it is necessary to have everything in place. Material that your child often uses, such as note pads, notebooks, or pens, place it on the table in open storage. Books for daily use, on low and open shelves; those of occasional use, in the high ones, and in drawers it stores what you do not want that it is seen. Chair and table, from Ikea.


It is important that children have a quiet and bright study area, to facilitate and maintain concentration. Ideally, make it your own space, like your bedroom. If you share a room with a brother, you should establish different locations for both. It is advisable to separate the desk from the playground, to avoid distractions and, if possible, away from the bed, so that they do not end up lying down.

External aids Take advantage of the power of colors to help with concentration and well-being. White conveys peace, tranquility and order; yellow activates the mind and creativity; the blue calms the mind and prevents clue; green reduces stress and gives security; purples and lilacs reduce impatience. From Maisons du Monde