This chic and feminine loft redefines the concept of minimalism

This chic and feminine loft redefines the concept of minimalism

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Aaron Leitz

The owner of this loft located in the lively district of Pearl District in Portland, Pam Williams, did not feel at ease. The problem? His house was impersonal, he didn't define it at all. It was then that he began to consider buying a new home where he could start from scratch, but life goes around a lot, and for some reason, the building did not want this retired person to work as a volunteer at the Portland Museum of Art and the Center of Performing Arts Armory, will leave.

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One day, Pam visited another apartment in the same building, and what he saw convinced her to abandon the idea of ​​moving. The miracle was called "interior design," and, despite being a space similar to yours, the decoration of the house had transformed it into an environment dominated by black and white, with cement floors and an irresistible minimalist style .

Hand in hand with decorator Jessica Helgerson, Pam ventured then in the reform of her own loft, and the result could not have left her happier: a fresh, bright, cheerful but calm home, and above all, with an ingenious use of storage space.

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The huge living room sofa with integrated drawers was designed to house all of Pam's friends during their home meetings.

Aaron Leitz

The walls have plenty of closets and open shelves to make the most of the storage space.

Aaron Leitz

This cozy and spacious reading corner composed of a sofa with storage at the bottom, acts as a guest room and as an office. The mirror that covers the entire wall reflects the light and doubles the visual space.

Aaron Leitz

The loft has a living-dining room-kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The reading corner is separated from the rest of the space by means of a loft, giving it some privacy.

Aaron Leitz Aaron Leitz

In the kitchen, oak wood cabinets with brass handles conceive the base on which a polished concrete countertop rests. By dispensing with storage in the upper part of the walls, the kitchen seems more spacious.

Aaron Leitz Aaron Leitz

The tile wall contrasts with the original bricks of the loft.

Aaron Leitz

The minimalist use of materials creates an atmosphere of harmony and calm that is complemented by the palette of tones nudes and neutral.

Aaron Leitz

Industrial airs are still present on the walls as a tribute to the origins of the building.

Aaron Leitz

On the dressing table, the golden accents stand out on the wood.

Aaron Leitz

The kitchen tiles appear again in the bathroom, covering the entire walls.

Aaron Leitz

Before entering the shower, we find a work shelf where the towels are arranged, and several integrated cabinets that, again, take full advantage of the storage space.


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