12 candles that will make the house more comfortable than ever

12 candles that will make the house more comfortable than ever

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These handmade Scented vanilla candles are perfect to make on vacation.

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Pressed flower envelope

Flood your house with the smells of winter, Macintosh red apple, Tonka sweet beans and fresh balm with these pressed flower bags.

Courtesy of the Terrain store.

Jar of spices

Everyone who enters your kitchen can confuse this original candle with a jar for spices and will be surprised to discover that it hides a candle with the smell of cinnamon and our nutmeg.

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Autumnal candle

Let the scents of the pumpkin bursts scent your house through these cylindrical candles.

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Scented and whipped pumpkin in coffee cup

We can't believe how chic this candle is! Whipped soy wax, a false glaze and fake leaves make this candle a perfect gift for a friend foodie

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Pumpkin and nut waffles

Warning: the sweet nutty aroma of this candle will have the whole family wanting a pumpkin waffle.

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works.

Nested Forest Dolls

The most beautiful candles arrive in the form of a creature. When you open each of the Russian dolls in the forest a candle appears.

Courtesy of West Elm

Chestnut and Vetiver

This candle with three wicks has touches of roasted chestnuts and the earthy aroma of vetiver, oak and amber moss. Sophisticated in design and smell, this candle will put an unexpected winter in your home.

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DIY Chai candles

These homemade candles, with aromas of nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger, are a rustic and natural way to put an autumn note at home.

Watch the tutorial in Hello Natural.

Pumpkin and Spice Candle

Winter means pumpkin spices and these homemade candles carry them. Look here the tutorial to make them She Uncovered.

Jars of tea and coffee

From the aroma of coffee to the aroma of tea, each of these jars hides an aromatic candle.

Courtesy of West Elm

Cinnamon Scented Soy Candle

Craft lovers will love making this soy wax candle with a sweet cinnamon smell.

Watch the full tutorial on Going Home to Roost.