Ideas to make your children's vacations fun and unforgettable

Ideas to make your children's vacations fun and unforgettable

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With the kids on vacation, it's time to enjoy the outdoors, go on excursions and family trips and have fun to the fullest!

Hold a pajama party

It is an unforgettable plan for your children. Invite your best friends, prepare a few games, your favorite food, popcorn and treats.

Fitted sheet, bed 90 cm, 17,99 € / cu; Cushion Lucky 17,99 €. Everything from Zara Home.

At bedtime, prepare a fort with fabrics or tipis, throw mattresses on the floor and, if you have a garden, put up a tent. And the last adrenaline rush, the typical pillow fight. Hilarious!

Same as older

How many times have you seen your children playing house, teachers ...! Imitate situations of real life and put themselves in the shoes of other people. They are called symbolic games that help develop the imagination, its language and empathize.

Related content Rooms full of fantasy 🎡 Wooden kitchen utensils kit, 25,99 €; Hammock, cactus or Farniente monkeys, 47,99 € / cu, from Vertbaudet.

To stimulate this type of activity, give him role-playing games, such as a kitchenette, a doctor's bag or custom furniture.

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How they grow in summer!

Control what your children grow with a wall meter, like this one with flower pattern, up to 150 cm, mod. Libby, 25,90 €, from Kenay Home. Your children will love it!

At this time, kids give an important growth. The reason lies in sunlight that helps synthesize vitamin D and stimulates the secretion of growth hormone. In addition, physical exercise and sleeping more hours help this hormone.

Are you going to the beach?

Do not miss this small selection of accessories for Children's vacations.

Beach towel

Put a fun and refreshing touch to your beach or pool kit.

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Cotton towel pole, 21,95 € Mini Home, in El Corte Inglés.

Children's swimsuits

Swimsuits to make you feel comfortable and handsome!

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Shorts, 39,90 €; swimsuit, 42 €, Mint star. Ideals!


Surprise your children with these original backpacks, perfect for excursions and camps.

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Yago shark, 49,90 €; Ladybird Andy, 49,90 €, with reflective dots, from Kids Lab.

Backpack / Desk

Make children's trips by car or train more enjoyable with travel games. Desktop backpack for drawing, 7 €, in Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Easy to carry!

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