Three Kings table

Three Kings table

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January 6 is one of those magical days for children (and some older). In addition to gifts, there is a key moment on that date: the Three Kings breakfast or snack. Chocolate with roscón, panettone, chocolate figures, sweets and ... a table well presented! Here we give way to suffered tablecloths, which resist well the more than probable manchurrones, overturned cups, involuntary accidents that, due to nerves and excitement are fixed in this type of meetings. But don't panic! Here we show you how to get a very special table where everything will be unforgettable.

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Customize so that the little ones feel unique on such an important day for them, mark their posts with a blackboard that you can customize (€ 5.95 each). Then they will serve to decorate the tree with new wishes. As napkin rings, use felt ornaments (€ 1.95). Everything from El Corte Inglés.

Felt kangaroo

Present each service in a fun bag, like this felt kangaroo; of El Corte Inglés (5.95)

Cardboard display

Complete the exhibitor, from Casa (3.99), with cupcakes, from El Corte Inglés (5.95 / 4).

Bowl and matching plate

Always matching the bowl (3.99) and the plate (9.99). In Zara Home.

Christmas mug

The cup, in the purest Christmas style (4.99). In Zara Home.

Wooden house

In the candy tray (6.95), includes a small wooden house; from Zara Home (9.99).

Crystal jar

Chocolate that looks good! Serve in a glass jar (4.99). This is from Zara Home.

Little house lanterns

The warm touch is put by candles inside the houses. Lanterns (9.99 and 7.99). From Zara Home.

Mouse and stuffed squirrel

Leave a surprise next to each dish: ratita and squirrel, for sale in El Corte Inglés (€ 5.95 each).

Tablecloth with snowflakes print

Get in position with a matching tablecloth and napkins with snowflake print (59.99). In Zara Home.

Pom pom crown

Panettone on board (4.99), from Casa; and crown of pompoms (14.95), from El Corte Inglés.

Christmas mug

The dessert plate (7.99) and the cup (4.99), very Christmas. Both are from Zara Home.

Dessert dish

The dessert plate (7.99) and the cup (4.99), very Christmas. Both are from Zara Home.