The best place to put the microwave

The best place to put the microwave

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Advertising - Read on below 1 In a custom space

In this case, a front of cabinets and drawers from floor to ceiling has been placed in the kitchen to fit the oven and, on this, a space has been left to put the microwave.

2 Inside a closet

The great advantage of this is that the door is hinged, so the opening is very comfortable and there is no room. A perfect solution to hide the microwave.

3 Suspended

If you do not want to "steal" space to the cabinets from the top, you can place it attached just below, on one side so that it does not bother. Here a specific compartment has been made for him in the same tone and material as the kitchen furniture.

4 In column

Place it embedded next to the oven (this one on the lower level to be able to open it better) in an area of ​​vertical cabinets, as in the kitchen mod. Tokyo, by Leroy Merlin.

5 Next to the refrigerator

The microwave and oven have been arranged in a column next to the refrigerator. A good idea to have all the appliances together, which will make you gain comfort in the kitchen.

6 Between two showcases

As this kitchen only had upper cabinets on the back wall, it has been decided to place the microwave between two of them, so that it is quite integrated into the decoration.

7 On a shelf

This metallic model is very light visually and is the perfect size for the microwave. In addition, you can use it to place the utensils and have it handy. You will find it similar in La Oca, Maisons du Monde or Leroy Merlin.

8 In a compartment

In this kitchen, a hole has been left in the center of a closet that goes from floor to ceiling. This allows to place the microwave and even some books on top. The floor is the mod. Livyn Viny, from QuickStep.

9 On a stand

With two brackets anchored to the wall, you can easily place the microwave without looking for a closet or furniture to house it. The simplest solution.

10 In a separate piece of furniture

This one, with drawers and cabinets, is ideal for storing utensils. The microwave, embedded in the top, looks great.

11 In the bell area

If you have little room, you can place the microwave in the place that it normally occupies, embedded along with the top cabinets. All appliances and furniture in this kitchen are from Ikea.

12 Embedded

This is the best option for the microwave to integrate fully with the kitchen furniture. Located at the same height as the top cabinets, it still leaves room for a small storage module on top.

13 About the dishwasher

Who said you couldn't put a microwave in a small kitchen? In this one, of Stengel Ibérica, it has been placed embedded above the dishwasher. Ideal!

14 In a vertical module

In this kitchen, designed by the iloftyou team, the microwave has been embedded in a closet without handles, next to the office. Very useful for heating food!

15 Furnace Zone

Placing the oven and microwave together is more practical and aesthetically more beautiful. Here both have been housed in a piece of furniture especially for them, which is integrated with the rest of the kitchen furniture.